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Is Your Collaboration Still in the Dark Ages?

In the old days, the conference room or someone’s office were traditional gathering places for coworkers. If you wanted to collaborate or have a brainstorming session, you needed to book a room before someone else beat you to it. Everyone had to be in the one place in order to collaborate. That was then, this is now. Today, Microsoft Teams has become the hub of teamwork and collaboration.

Whether your team is together in an office, working remotely, or in a mixed model, Teams allows you to do everything you once thought was only possible in a squeaky chair in a conference room – and more.

Meet, Chat, and Collaborate Virtually

Teams takes everything you once did in an office and does it even better. Chat virtually with your colleagues, call them in an instant, set up meetings with as many people as you require, hold live events where you present to a large number of people, share screens, and more.

That’s not all. Teams also allows you to collaborate live on files in programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, with SharePoint integrated within Teams. This means that you can be talking to someone and working with them live on the same file – all in one place.

Teams as a Platform

Teams is more than a central hub for your business – it can also be the hub for your IT team. Your developers can integrate Power Platform, allowing them to develop low-code applications, bots, flows, and reports all within Teams.

Let’s Get to (Teams) Work

Our Microsoft experts have years of experience helping the world’s leading brands adopt Teams and improve collaboration successfully across enterprises with both our technical and change management expertise. Whether you need help with implementation, adoption, governance, or integration, we’re here to help.

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