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Application Migration Accelerator

Encapsulate and Migrate Applications to the Cloud

Keep your crucial legacy applications secure and reduce costs by migrating them to Microsoft Azure with our Application Migration Accelerator.

What It Is

Most companies accumulate legacy applications over time, leading to issues with compliance, security, increasing support costs, and complex performance management. To mitigate these risks while continuing to utilize these often critical applications, these large apps must be cordoned off in a secure “enclosure” where access can be controlled and monitored.

We can help you manage and modernize these legacy applications with our Application Migration Accelerator, which helps lower risk, improve security, and reduce support and management costs across your IT environment by migrating your legacy applications to a secure environment on Azure.

What’s Included

In this workshop, we typically spend 3-6 weeks on the following:

  • Identify the appropriate application(s)
  • Ideation and architecture design
  • Migration plan review
  • Cost forecasting and optimization
  • Data and Storage guidance
  • DevOps and automation strategy
  • Azure ecosystem validation

What You Get

With this offering, development teams can co-evolve application architecture, CI/CD deployment, and hosting options free from infrastructure roadblocks and other resource limitations.

At the end of this hands-on training process, you will achieve:

  • More rapid product delivery
  • Reduced infrastructure support and maintenance costs
  • Improved speed and consistency of system development
  • Automation of system build, integration, and deployment tasks

Let's Forge the Future. Together.