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Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Enablement Program

Accelerate Your Azure Adoption

By utilizing cloud adoption framework principles, you can speed your Microsoft Azure adoption and set yourself for success by aligning IT goals with business goals.

What It Is

Our Azure Cloud Adoption Framework Enablement Program both enables proper cloud governance principles and launches your foundational Azure implementation. We provide parallel streams that help you assess your current infrastructure and understand how you would benefit by strategically moving workloads to Azure.

What's Included

The enablement program consists of up to three distinct streams, each customized to meet you where you are in your Azure adoption.

Discovery assessment:

  • Movere implementation and scans
  • Resource inventory analysis
  • Resource consumption analysis
  • Manual review of key workloads
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Operational cost forecasts

Cloud adoption framework launch:

  • Design and deploy the Azure backbone
  • Implement network components and connectivity
  • Implement Policy (Security Center, CIS, regulatory frameworks)
  • Zone and region resiliency
  • Policies and blueprints
  • Operations planning
  • Monitoring and metrics
  • Cloud adoption framework governance guardrails

Strategic business case:

  • Trusted strategic advisor to business case activities and stakeholders
  • Collaboration on TCO analysis and organizational long-term needs
  • “Seeing beyond” vision and guidance
  • Pragmatic advisor for business and IT alignment

What You Get

Discovery assessment:

  • Economic assessment findings presentation
  • Migration recommendations aligned with foundational guidance

Cloud adoption framework launch:

  • Azure action plan
  • Resilient infrastructure design
  • Network and traffic routing design
  • POCs and best practices
  • Implementation of initial Azure baseline

Strategic business case:

  • Business case artifacts and messaging
  • “Do now” recommendations
  • Stream alignment and direction
  • Long-term business and IT roadmap alignment
  • Stakeholder briefings on maturity model

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