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Azure Foundations Assessment

Maximize the Value of Your Cloud Investment

Explore migration to the cloud or gain visibility into “VM sprawl” with our Azure Foundations Assessment.

What It Is

We help you understand and successfully maximize the value of your cloud investment by putting in place a data-driven migration strategy.

Our experience and expertise with Microsoft, Azure, and open source technology guides the discovery, analysis, and strategic recommendations throughout the process. Additionally, our partnership with Microsoft provides 60 days free use of Movere, a discovery solution used to provide insights and data for your cloud migration.

What's Included

Deliverables from this 4-5 week part-time assessment include a presentation of findings and a recommended action plan for migration to Azure:

  • Environment assessment
  • Movere implementation and scans
  • Manual review of key solutions
  • Access to analysis tenant
  • Findings presentation and action plan

What You Get

  • Identifies everything in your global environment regardless of platform, application, or geography
  • Tracks actual resource consumption so you know what is being used – when, how, and by whom
  • Finds unused licenses, over- and under-provisioned resources, and identifies more cost-effective solutions
  • Provides reliable pricing for transitioning to the cloud based on actual usage so you can right-size your cloud the first time
  • Allows you to dig into the data, down to the process level, specific instance, or user
  • Provides application dependency mapping at the process level
  • Identifies service pack deviations, non-compliance, and GDPR issues that may lead to security breaches in your environment
  • Surfaces data into a single, interactive dashboard accessible by multiple users across geographies
  • Enables ongoing optimization, monitoring, and analysis throughout digital transformation projects

A True Global Digital Consultancy