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Azure Migration Strategy and Roadmap

Develop a Strategy for Your Future Business Needs

Lay the foundation for virtual machine migration and app modernization by assessing your environment and presenting a forward-looking strategy.

What It Is

We partner with Movere, a leading digital discovery solution, to assess your on-premises server environment and provide an accurate view of your current state to inform your Azure migration approach.

What's Included

We will perform a customized set of assessments and strategic workshops to understand your current environment and future business needs. We will work with your technical leadership, operations teams, app developers and business SMEs to understand your company’s unique culture, ecosystem, and vision to better align your strategy with your business model.

The engagement generally includes the following:

  • Movere environment discovery assessment
  • Strategic vision and environmental constraint sessions
  • Identity, networking and storage overviews
  • HA/DR and backup strategy review
  • Security and compliance considerations
  • Application assessments and workload review (as requested)

What You Get

  • Movere environment discovery findings report
  • Comprehensive reporting of discovered servers, services, and processes
  • Cloud economic forecast
  • Foundational Microsoft Azure architecture vision
  • Strategic guidance and best-practice recommendations
  • Security and compliance
  • DevOps and operational monitoring
  • Automation: ARM templates, PowerShell, Azure DevOps
  • Identity, compute, hybrid networking, storage
  • HA/DR: Azure Backup, Azure Site Recovery, geo-redundancy
  • Application modernization recommendations – architectural and development guidance
  • Backup and DR recommendations
  • Project planning and estimations (as requested)

Let's Forge the Future. Together.