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Ideacentral for customers

IdeaCentral for Customers

Foster a community of ideas from your customers.

Let Your Customers’ Voices Be Heard

Leverage the power of your community to crowdsource new ideas and collect customer feedback to improve your products and services. Customers often share ideas on their own, but an online community provides a powerful forum to surface the most groundbreaking, customer-driven ideas in your community.

Our IdeaCentral for Customers accelerator uses the Salesforce Lightning Bolt framework to help your organization quickly deploy an extensible, pre-configured community template to accelerate the process of gathering, tracking, and communicating the status of ideas from your customers.

IdeaCentral's Core Capabilities

  • Submit new ideas
    • View, comment and vote on ideas
      • Explore other relevant ideas
        • Build a list of ideas
          • Identify experts and reward advocates

A True Global Digital Consultancy