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Marketing Automation with Salesforce / Perficient

Salesforce Marketing Automation Accelerator

It’s more important than ever to develop and nurture customer relationships. Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Datorama can help you transform customer data and scale customer engagement to drive revenue and increase ROI.

We use Salesforce to take source data and turn it into smart data, connecting disparate data sets, enriching the data story with metadata, and merging creative images into data sets for at-a-glance visual representation.

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Salesforce Marketing Automation Accelerator

We integrate your marketing campaign process with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Datorama to enable you to automate buyer journeys and personas and improve marketing campaigns, tactics, and data.

Our Salesforce Marketing Automation Accelerator helps you:

  • Map activities and decisions toward purchase and beyond
  • Understand functional evolution and changes in emotional stakes
  • Gain context for data and a better understanding of campaigns
  • Transform measurable numbers into actionable insights
  • Adapt every step of the customer journey both strategically and tactically

We integrate your various marketing channels with Salesforce CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Pardot for marketing automation, and Datorama for marketing intelligence – including social media platforms, web analytics platforms, and SEO tools.

Optimize the Buyer Journey

One of the outputs of the accelerator is an interactive dashboard that provides a 360-degree view of the buyer journey. Rich data sets enable advanced analytics models and real-time filtering based on your key performance indicators. The data is enriched with storytelling elements such as goals, benchmarks, and trends, allowing you to better track against your business goals.

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Marketing Campaign Attribution

A centralized repository of marketing campaign analytics allows you to make data-driven decisions rather than reacting to subsets of data that do not provide a full picture of customer engagement. With our Salesforce solution, you're able to view:

  • Robust analytics, strategic insights, and revenue attribution
  • Automated URL tagging and campaign creation
  • Consolidated reporting that connects asset data within campaigns

Perficient + Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Perficient is a leading partner in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud space, with more than 100 Marketing Cloud certifications and a Level III Marketing Cloud Specialization. We have developed numerous Marketing Cloud solutions for key clients in the manufacturing, healthcare, and financial services industries.

Whether you're in need of enterprise-level mail, marketing automation, digital advertising, data management, analytics, or other marketing processes, we can help you leverage Salesforce Marketing Cloud to achieve your business goals.

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