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Salesforce FOr Partner Relationship Management / Perficient

Deliver a Seamless Experience Using Salesforce's Partner Relationship Management Solution

Manufacturing companies are always striving to enhance the customer experience and achieve operational excellence. Perficient’s Salesforce Partner Relationship Management Solution brings together partner lead management, program management, MDF, partner marketing, and partner scorecards into one robust and easily accessible accelerator, powered by Salesforce. 

In today’s complex market, manufacturers must understand that dealer management and partner engagement directly correlate to productivity and loyalty. This means continuously creating strategies that drive engagement through collaboration, accessibility, and personalized experiences.

Almost 90% of manufacturers say increasing process efficiencies is a critical priority over the next two years. Additionally, they are looking for refined, adaptable processes that can be quickly applied to meet constantly changing market dynamics.

Our Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution, powered by Salesforce, addresses these issues while focusing on channel enablement, digital marketing, and marketing automation.

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Salesforce Partner Relationship Management Accelerator

Our PRM Accelerator improves partner engagement and forecasting, streamlines lead management, and strengthens mobile tools and communities by giving dealers and partners real-time information anytime, and anywhere.

Furthermore, we are committed to delivering the business benefits of predictable revenue growth, personalized customer experience, and maximized marketing technology . To do this, our solution focuses on the following:

1. Program Management: Cultivating ownership and responsibility with channel partners

  • Efficient partner onboarding, management, and support
  • Accurate forecasting with partner contracts and quotas
  • Market share visibility across partner networks
  • Access to product and sales information
  • Training, help desk support, and knowledge sharing 

2. Partner Scorecard: Easy-to-access partner insights – all on one single dashboard

  • Partner status and tiers
  • Partner contracts and quotas
  • Market development funds: easy to manage from anywhere
  • Corporate-driven partner marketing
  • Predictable partner revenue
  • Reliable product forecasting

3. Partner Marketing: Streamlined, personalized partner marketing campaigns

  • Digital asset management
  • Budget-approved and brand-compliant materials to ensure consistency with messaging and offers
  • Customized for product campaigns and customer journeys
  • Seamlessly integrates mass media, digital, and social campaigns

4. Market Development Funds: Creating mutual growth for your organization and partners

  • Establish overall MDF budget using corporate allocations on a calendar year
  • Distribute budgets to partners based on partner tier or other custom criteria
  • Optimized total marketing spend

5. Partner Lead Management: Integrated for end-to-end visibility and bottom-line results

  • Corporate and partner collaboration on leads
  • Demand generation campaign
  • Attribute and interaction lead scoring model
  • Automated lead nurture campaigns
  • Accurate lead routing based on territory or other custom criteria
  • MROI reports and dashboards

Our Salesforce PRM Accelerator was created to directly address the concerns and business trends facing our clients in the manufacturing industry. During the engagement, you can expect personalized discovery, development, and implementation stages catered specifically to your needs. Our goal is to help manufacturers connect strategy and technology so your business can handle the unexpected while keeping your competitive edge.

Perficient + Salesforce for the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturers face unique challenges on their digital transformation journey. Whether it’s modernizing operations or meeting the digital expectations of customers and partners, we can turn those challenges into opportunities with the Salesforce platform and related technologies.

We’ve helped improve collaboration, accessibility, experience, and partner loyalty for more than 90 of the world’s leading public manufacturing companies, and we can do the same for you.


Ready to Improve the Partner and Dealer Experience?