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sitecore product development

Sitecore is the Platform. Digital Experience is the Product.

From a customer’s perspective, your digital experience is your business. To own your digital business and mold it to reflect your unique offerings, you must treat your digital experience as a product. Our proven Sitecore product development methodology will help you get the most value out of your digital investments.

  Table showing the difference between project and product development.

Considering a Product Development Approach for Your Business?

Many organizations still treat their digital experiences as a sequence of projects, each one transactional with clear goals set at the project's outset. In comparison, treating your digital experience as a product requires a product team. These teams are long-lived, driven by a product owner and focused on goals aligned to business objectives. 

This approach has many benefits over a project-based strategy for managing your digital experience, including:

Product Development Meets Sitecore

Sitecore’s market-leading digital experience capabilities for content, engagement, and commerce can serve as the cornerstone for managing your digital experience as a product.

We have supported numerous Sitecore customers using a product development model. This often starts by establishing a core team, but may also require additional targeted teams based on the needs of the business. Each team can be either long- or short-term and can scale up or down depending on the size of the backlog. Examples of team orientations that we have supported include:

  • Core Platform Team – This team is usually the first to be developed and focuses on introducing capabilities to the business, owning the architecture and maintainability of the solution.
  • Functional Area Teams – When product features are critical enough to warrant their own product owner, functional teams can help drive measurable improvement in areas such as search experience and member self-service.
  • Site or Brand-focused Teams – Teams can be formed to build and incrementally improve a single site or sets of sites. This can be ideal if the sites share capabilities and content.
  • Business Unit-focused Teams – If internal business units have different priorities and own different websites, it may be ideal to form different product teams that can be responsive to the needs of specific business units.
  • Optimization Team – Driving optimization across sites can be difficult without capabilities across the team. A team dedicated to optimization can help build that capability and drive growth of targeted KPIs.
  • Multi-channel Teams – Some teams may focus on the experience across multiple channels and include members who can work on web, mobile, email, and social experiences.

How It Works

We have a proven methodology for running a product development team with Sitecore as the platform.

How We Can Work Together

We have partnered with the world’s leading brands to provide full-service capabilities from intake through assembly. We offer the following team models to meet the unique needs of each client:

These models are flexible and can change over the duration of an engagement. Often, there is no need for a full-time content strategist or SEO specialist. When a project requires one, however, we work to accommodate that request in true agile fashion.

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