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sitecore headless foundation

Make the Move to Headless on Your Own Terms

Our headless foundation approach allows you to migrate your solution to headless iteratively, reducing risk and upskilling your team along the way.

Whether you have a large, complex Sitecore implementation or don’t have the time to wait months to migrate your solution, our approach allows you to migrate on your terms.

What is Headless CMS?

People consume content through various platforms and headless CMS is essentially a response to this evolution. Content management systems (CMS) offer a variety of tools for creating, organizing, and managing content, and utilizes an approach referred to as “coupled architecture”. Headless architecture separates back-end content functions (content and data) from front-end functions (pages and templates). The front end is decoupled from the CMS, and developers are free to use any technology they choose to build custom front-end experiences and deliver content to users.

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Our Sitecore Headless Foundation Approach

Rather than migrating to headless in one step, our iterative process takes a gradual approach, setting up a foundation for migrating select features of your current solution to a headless architecture over time. This allows you to prioritize business needs while demonstrating the value of headless.

Key elements of our foundational approach include:

  • Establish the go-forward platform and architecture: First, we will assess your existing solution and architecture. It’s important to understand how to map the capabilities of available platforms including XP, XM, Managed Cloud, and XM Cloud, aligning on infrastructure, hosting and licensing requirements, and standing up environments as needed.
  • Support feature migrations with Azure Front Door and DevOps: Azure Front Door supports the migration of features from MVC to headless without impacting URLs and SEO. Automated builds and deployments that support both the content management back end and your front-end application are key to ensuring consistent releases.
  • Create a responsive backlog: We have a framework for working with business stakeholders to prioritize features, incorporate UX improvements, and ensure maximum business impact.
  • Embrace co-development: Our agile teams work with existing development teams to mentor and share headless best practices empowering you to support and extend the solution.
  • Release early and often: The first headless feature release typically takes place within 2-3 months of the engagement. This is followed by a monthly release cycle where additional features are migrated and other prioritized improvements implemented.
  • Celebrate successes: We help you establish a communications plan to ensure the value of each release is understood by stakeholders.

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