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headless lift-and-shift

Migrate to Sitecore Headless With Our Lift-and-Shift Approach

Moving to a headless architecture requires rearchitecting your solution, but the benefits are worth it. Whether targeting Sitecore XM, XP, or XM Cloud, our proven methodology for headless migrations will help you avoid any pitfalls and provide the best practices to get your solution running on Next.js and your team ready to manage the platform.

Our Approach to Sitecore Headless Lift & Shift

  • PowerShell Analysis Scripts –  These scripts analyze your existing Sitecore MVC and SXA sites to determine the level of support needed to migrate the solution to headless.
  • Headless SXA – We leverage the capabilities of headless SXA to manage and support the migrated solution. We’ll extend your existing solution to better leverage SXA features including page and partial designs, rendering variants, sitemap, redirects, and more.
  • Component Implementation Patterns – We have documented component migration patterns to go from MVC view and controller renderings to React components running in Next.js.
  • Architectural Approaches for Common Migration Pitfalls – Whether you need a new approach to support site search or change how you manage consuming microservices or third-party APIs, we guide you to the right architectural choice.
  • PowerShell Migration Scripts – We use PowerShell scripts to update page layout and rendering details to map new headless components.
  • DevOps Build and Release Pipeline Scripts – We have blueprints for creating deployment scripts for content management including item serialization, as well as front-end application deployment to platforms like Vercel.
  • Training and Enablement – Our platform specialists create documentation and training materials to prepare your teams for change. We ensure content authors can manage content on the migrated solution and that your support teams can operate the platform. We also provide training on XM Cloud analytics and personalization capabilities to ensure you get the most value out of the platform.

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