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Sitecore CDP + Personalize & Journey Science

Accelerate Your Personalization Strategy With Sitecore Personalize and Journey Science  

Perficient has deep experience upgrading Sitecore to ensure the platform is properly configured and optimized to allow you to get the most from your investment. If your organization isn’t on the latest version of Sitecore, the time to upgrade is now. Our methodology can be fully customized to where you are in your own personalization strategy journey.

Your customers expect frictionless experiences across every channel and touchpoint with your brand. However, many organizations struggle to piece it all together and fail to meet customer expectations.

Journey science is a cross-functional discipline that combines research-based insights with data-driven evidence to understand, predict, and optimize the customer journey at every touchpoint.

Sitecore Personalize is an enterprise personalization engine that allows you to build powerful, scalable experiences and experiments across every platform and channel you use to connect with your customers.

Applying Journey Science to Sitecore Personalize brings a disciplined approach to your optimization strategy, creating a measurement framework to drive continuous improvement of key business indicators.

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Applying Our Journey Science Methodology to Sitecore

  • Research – Research provides the foundation of customer understanding. A holistic research approach includes multi-layered insights that are continuously collected and analyzed.
  • Data & Analytics – Use Sitecore CDP to collect customer data and provide analytics to track and measure site performance across multiple channels, interactions and touchpoints that support the customer journey.
  • Segmentation – Sitecore CDP and Personalize allow you to define and sync segments across multiple platforms, tools, and channels, providing more meaningful customer insights.
  • Journey Design – Explore the customer journey through multi-dimensional models to better understand the customer experience across multiple touchpoints and interactions.
  • Predictive Modeling – Sitecore Personalize decision models use predictive modeling to improve the customer journey. Statistical algorithms and machine-learning techniques identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data.
  • Experimentation – Experimentation is the path to optimization. Test your hypotheses and implement an evidence-based approach to reaching your goals. Sitecore Personalize provides foundational experimentation capabilities not just for your website, but your entire marketing stack.

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