A Single Platform to Modernize and Mobilize Your Data in the Cloud

We partnered with Snowflake, a cloud-based data-warehousing platform, to address challenges like poor business intelligence tools, siloed data, scale and speed issues, and complex and costly infrastructure.

Snowflake is an emerging leader and the only data warehouse built for the cloud. It features storage, compute, and global services layers that are physically separated but logically integrated. Data workloads scale independently from one another, making it an ideal platform for data warehousing, data lakes, data engineering, data science, modern data sharing, and developing data applications.

With the help of our certified consultants, you can simplify your data, provide cost effective performance that scales, increase flexibility, and reduce operation costs.

End-to-End Modern Data Solutions

We combine our Snowflake partnership with our expertise in data platforms and modern data architecture to integrate data and optimize business processes in order to fuel growth, gain competitive advantage, and drive revenue. We help you take advantage of cloud technologies, modern data architectures, advanced analytics, and data catalogs to enable appropriate access, visibility, understanding, and trust in your data.

Partnerships That Matter

We have partnerships with all the major cloud platforms that Snowflake supports as well as strong data management partnerships that enhance Snowflake solutions.

Cloud Modernization Quick Start

Our custom quick start solution uses Talend  to accelerate data warehouses and data lakes built in the cloud to get you up and running with trusted data in days, not weeks or months.

The solution leverages Talend Data Fabric on Snowflake to provide a single suite of cloud data services for data integration, data quality, and analytical data management to help you collect, govern, transform, and share data all within a multi-cloud or hybrid data environment.

Talend Data Fabric, combined with Snowflake’s ultra-low administration and automatic tuning features, empowers you to deliver trusted data to make better decisions with more confidence.

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