Over our 17 years of partnership with Caterpillar, we have worked on more than 150 digital transformation projects. 

Making Progress Possible for More Than 90 Years

Caterpillar is the world's leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines, industrial gas turbines, and diesel-electric locomotives.


The manufacturing giant needed to undergo a digital transformation to modernize its customer-facing systems in order to keep up with market demand and remain competitive.

Caterpillar has worked hard to develop strong relationships with its customers and distributors over many years. While digital transformation was an imperative, it was critical that undertaking one did not replace or minimize existing customer relationships, but instead take them to an entirely new level by incorporating technology and connectivity with customers and their assets.

Specific challenges included:

  • An outdated website platform with multiple customizations and no consistent user experience across desktop and mobile devices
  • Content was not easily updated, and marketing campaign tracking lacked consistency
  • eCommerce order integration with dealers

The legacy platform's constraints compelled Caterpillar to embark on creating a digital strategy and finding a solution to effectively manage customer-facing online marketing initiatives.

"Technology plays a key role in our e-business transformation. Our focus is on taking a very traditional company...and working with our distributors to incorporate digital in a way that doesn't replace those relationships."


Jeff Bowman, Director of Customer eBusiness, Caterpillar

Tuning up the Engines

Over our 17 years of partnership with Caterpillar, we have worked on more than 150 digital transformation projects.

We have helped Caterpillar implement a number of technology platforms in order to support its business transformation in these primary areas:

  • Digital marketing with a heavy focus on Adobe Experience Manager
  • Marketing Automation with Oracle Eloqua
  • eCommerce with IBM WebSphere Commerce
  • Customer support with IBM WebSphere Portal

Other content management and data-related tools have also been integrated to support these initiatives.

The key goals for our e-business transformation are to increasingly give our customers the opportunity to interact online or via mobile devices. Jeff Bowman - Director of Customer eBusiness, Caterpillar

Geared for the Customer and Dealer


The new digital platforms deliver a consistent user experience across all digital channels, including mobile, while integrating with dealer frameworks to effectively handle orders and reduce time and errors.

Deploying these technologies has enabled Caterpillar to make important gains in its customer and dealer relationships.


  • Mobile-enabled systems
  • Automated ordering
  • Increased engagement
  • 10-15% increase in after markets parts sales


  • Fewer resources required for order management
  • Reduced order errors

Perficient provides years of platform and industry experience and expertise...they arrive on-site ready to go. They're willing to do what it takes to get the job done. Jeff Bowman - Director of Customer eBusiness, Caterpillar

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