A Leading Global Restaurant Franchisee and Investor with Complex Reporting

Chalak Mitra Group LLC (CMG), founded in 1998 and based in Dallas, Texas, acts as a franchisee for multiple restaurants, and also undertakes various hotel and real estate projects.


Chalak Mitra Group has diverse holdings in several lines of business, but financials for each line were being reported and processed separately, making consolidated reporting and income statements very difficult and time consuming. Additionally, financial reports were generated via a tedious, manual process.

CMG needed to simplify its financial systems to improve efficiency, and called on us to build a consolidated financial system to increase efficiency and make real-time, company-wide reporting a seamless process. With more than 400 legal entities, transitioning to one consolidated system posed a challenge.

Now Serving: Simplified, Robust Financial Reporting

With our guidance, CMG chose to implement Oracle ERP Cloud for all company financial reporting including accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, general ledger, and financial reporting.

The primary driver of shared services in Oracle ERP Cloud was the use of reference data sets, which allow master data to be shared among all businesses. Also, data access sets were leveraged to architect a model which created efficiency and visibility into financials.

Ease of financial reporting was important to CMG. By consolidating all companies in one general ledger, financial reports were built using account and company hierarchies (roll-ups). With the new reporting structures, the balance sheet and income statement are available with real-time transaction balances. Oracle ERP Cloud offers the ability to drill down on all financial report balances – to the most basic journal or sub-ledger details. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI), was utilized to give all associates the ability to build their own real-time reports with exactly the information they need, right when the need it.

Finally, we created the ability to support the import of transactions from a third-party source. We created custom templates and provided training on importing the transactions into Oracle.

Financial visibility across the enterprise allows management better decision-making across the company. Oracle ERP Cloud shared service model increases efficiency and accuracy.

Adding ERP Cloud to the Menu Delivers Satisfying Results

  • Error reduction with AP scanning
  • Increased efficiency with intercompany processing
  • Consolidated/cleansed master data by consolidating suppliers and customers shared across legal entities (shared services)
  • Real-time analytics with OTBI
  • Spreadsheet integration
  • Drill-back reporting capability

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