An Artisan’s Approach to Chocolate

Lake Champlain Chocolates is a chocolate manufacturer located in Burlington, Vermont. The company has been handcrafting fresh, all-natural gourmet chocolates for more than 30 years.


Lake Champlain Chocolates’ premium products are available throughout the U.S. at specialty food and gift stores such as Whole Foods Market, upscale hotels and inns, and at three company-owned stores in Vermont. 

Lake Champlain Chocolates have also been sold online since 1996, but the company’s website was not keeping pace with the rapid growth of its business and needed attention. Based upon our years of eCommerce experience and proven ability to bring unique brands to life online, Lake Champlain Chocolates asked our team to create an entirely new online presence in time for the upcoming holiday selling season.

Lake Champlain Chocolates is poised for growth, and this new site, that better showcases their gourmet brand and offers gifters a seamless shopping experience, will accelerate their growth online.

Building a Brand from Scratch

Lake Champlain Chocolates’ goal was to offer an upscale experience to shoppers and gifting clients. Our creative design team took a “from scratch” approach to the brand story, as well as the user experience, in order to create a new presence that delivers upscale online shopping.

We used Magento’s Enterprise Edition for the site platform, incorporating many of the platform’s tools into the new site including content management, search engine optimization, promotional marketing tools, order management, customer service, analytics, and reporting.

A customized checkout feature gives shoppers an easy-to-use tool for shipping products to multiple addresses on multiple dates. The functionality is available to registered Lake Champlain Chocolates account holders, as well as those visitors who prefer to check out as guests of the site. Shoppers can also easily add gift messages to the products they purchase and ship.

We added a “product story” section to each product page to provide the story behind each beautiful gift. New, larger images of the packaging and individual chocolates brought the experience to life. 

We redesigned the navigation to make it more intuitive and to enhance the browse and shop experience.

Record-Breaking Results

Following launch, average conversion on the new site reached a remarkable 8.75%, setting high expectations for Cyber Monday.

Conversion on Cyber Monday reached 16.5% – more than twice the conversion rate on the same shopping day the year before. The new site worked twice as hard, delivering double the per-visit value of the previous year, and average order size was up approximately 20%.

Lake Champlain Chocolates continues to see record sales, conversion, and larger average order size. 

It’s the front-end experience that’s driving Lake Champlain Chocolates’ success, rather than promotions. While Magento is a powerful platform, and the technical implementation was strong, this is truly a case of a redesigned website showcasing a brand and delivering an extraordinary shopping experience.

On Cyber Monday

On Cyber Monday - more than double the year before

The new site surpassed our expectations. Perficient gave us a website that showcased our brand, in time for the all-important holiday season, but more important, they created an online store that really enhances the user experience. Jim Lampman - Founder & Owner of Lake Champlain Chocolates

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