Pushing the Limits of Digital Commerce

Life Fitness manufactures and sells a wide range of cardio, strength, and group training fitness solutions to consumers and commercial facilities.


To remain competitive, Life Fitness initiated a redesign of its B2C digital commerce experience and asked us to assist based on our deep experience with Insite platform implementations as well as our commitment to helping Life Fitness solve its challenges.

Business objectives included:

  • Generate incremental revenue by providing a responsive site that caters to customers visiting from various devices
  • Enhance the customer experience with improved communication around order fulfillment
  • Deliver an up-to-date digital experience that aligns to the Life Fitness brand
  • Implement a platform that could scale to other areas of the business (i.e., use redesign of B2C site as a roadmap for building its B2B eCommerce site)

Giving the Website a Workout

We worked closely with Life Fitness to redesign and re-platform its consumer site by integrating Insite with back-office middleware, legacy order management systems, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

  • With 50% of site traffic coming from mobile, a responsive site improved the user experience, resulting in increased traffic and conversions.
  • Integration of legacy order management automated back-end logistics when orders were received, and Salesforce improved email communication to customers regarding order status and shipment.
  • Creating a trustworthy online experience aligned with Life Fitness’ brand promise of delivering high-quality and luxury products.
  • The capabilities and features of Insite will allow Life Fitness to go to market quickly when it’s time to launch the B2B commerce site.

Other third-party services integrated with the new platform included Power Reviews, providing valuable information for prospective customers looking to buy fitness equipment for their home, and CyberSource, to simplify the order experience for customers by quickly validating addresses and calculating the appropriate sales tax.

“Perficient Digital is like our right arm. The dedicated partnership has contributed to the stability of the platform and business growth we’ve seen over the last year.”

– Amanda Marx, Senior Manager, Global Digital Strategy, Life Fitness

A Healthy Boost to the Business

Since the launch, Life Fitness has met or exceeded many of its objectives including:

  • Revenue growth that outpaced growth for the U.S. eCommerce market
  • Increased conversion rates to 30%
  • Users spending more time on the site
  • Channel growth exceeded expectations
  • Positive feedback from customers regarding the design and user experience with improved Forsee scores
  • Improved tracking of user behavior to obtain data on conversions and interactions from various channels

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