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Digital Oilfield Solutions

Energize Operations With Digital Oilfield Solutions 

Digital oilfield is a concept that connects people, processes, data, and technology to maximize performance and value across the oil and gas production lifecycle. In other words, it is digital transformation for the energy industry.

We help the world’s leading oil and gas companies implement and use digital tools such as IoT, automation, and advanced analytics to gain greater visibility and control over their operations, optimize the maintenance and repair of their assets, and reduce costs.

Stay Competitive With Our Digital Oilfield Solutions

Leveraging our capabilities and the advanced technologies we’re experts in will help you make informed and data-driven decisions that lead to streamlined operations and increased profitability.

  • Infrastructure (industrial IoT)
  • Cloud environments
  • Data management and ingestion
  • Application development and system integration
  • Business intelligence and analytics

Unlock the Full Potential of Digital Oilfields

Our team of oil and gas experts will modernize your operations and drive true digital transformation.

Oil and Gas Companies We've Helped Transform  

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Advance Your ESG Tracking and Reporting Capabilities

Energy and utilities industry consumers, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders are demanding more transparency and concerted efforts towards ESG initiatives. To meet and exceed these expectations and requirements, companies must address many challenges that currently limit their ability to support mass quantities of data, improve transparency, and maintain reporting. An experienced partner can help energy and utilities companies solve disparate systems and automate currently manual processes with technical assistance and change management.

Meet An Expert

John Latham

John Latham

John is the managing director of Perficient’s Houston office, where he helps energy and utility companies achieve both near-term goals and long-term vision by leveraging a portfolio of strategic end-to-end capabilities. His philosophy is that people and ideas make things happen.


Sean McGrath headshot.

Sean McGrath

Sean is a principal and digital strategy lead for the energy & utilities industry. He has more than 25 years of experience in technology, continuous improvement, and management consulting.


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