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ESG Tracking & Reporting

Sustainability and ESG in the Energy Industry

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) tracking and reporting have become essential considerations for clients in all industries, but impact energy companies in particular. As these companies seek to reduce their carbon footprint through ESG initiatives, they must tackle the challenges ahead while ensuring their continued, influential role in the global economy.

We help the world’s leading energy companies implement and use digital tools to gain greater visibility into their ESG metrics, improve control over their operations, and reduce costs.

Social and Regulatory Pressures Are Climbing

Energy and utilities industry consumers, regulatory bodies, and stakeholders are demanding more transparency and concerted efforts towards ESG initiatives. To meet and exceed these expectations and requirements, companies must address many challenges that currently limit their transparency and reporting of key performance indicators. What’s more, organizations are struggling to comply with regulations that have yet to be standardized.

The difficulty is compounded by uncertainty surrounding whether the current workforce will be able to support the mass quantities of data created from tracking and reporting ESG initiatives. Furthermore, disparate systems and manual processes will have to be automated, which requires technical assistance and change management.

All of this makes it essential for energy and utilities companies to have an experienced partner by their side.

Open New Opportunities With Advanced ESG Tracking and Reporting 

According to a scenario analysis by MSCI ESG Research, energy and utilities companies would lose a third of their total value on average if policymakers were to immediately act on limiting global warming to 1.5˚C by midcentury. They could lose twice as much if the transition is delayed. Partner with Perficient to begin accelerating your ESG efforts and open new doors for your organization, including:

Execute Transformational ESG Strategies

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  • Operational efficiency
  • Predictive maintenance
  • CO2 emissions
  • Supply chain management
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  • Worker safety
  • Digital twins
  • Remote asset management
  • Safety incident tracking
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  • HCM
  • HR
  • Regulatory reporting
  • Compliance

Companies We've Helped Transform

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Drive Efficiencies With Digital Oilfield Transformation

Digital and technology solutions can unlock the full potential of oilfields by optimizing performance, improving efficiency, reducing costs, and increasing safety. Oil and gas companies can leverage advanced digital technologies and data analytics to make more informed and data-driven decisions, leading to increased profitability and sustainable production.

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Elevating ESG Insights to Improve Transparency and Trust

What if a modernized data infrastructure and cloud-based tool could aggregate portfolio data and enable easier reporting of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics? The ability to report on ESG metrics greatly aids investor relations and funding and helps attract a more-diverse range of investors. With our help, these advisors can now quickly personalize portfolio recommendations based on a client's personal values and share ESG metrics in near real-time.

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Meet the Experts

John Latham

John Latham

John is the managing director of Perficient’s Houston office, where he helps energy and utility companies achieve both near-term goals and long-term vision by leveraging a portfolio of strategic end-to-end capabilities. His philosophy is that people and ideas make things happen.


Elijah Weber headshot.

Elijah Weber

Elijah is a technical director at Perficient, specializing in application modernization and cloud technologies. Prior to joining Perficient, he led manufacturing and IT technology teams at ExxonMobil where he helped enable the company’s best-in-class manufacturing automation, cybersecurity, site survivability, and system architecture. Elijah is based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Sandeep Gosh headshot.

Sandeep Ghosh

Sandeep is a director at Perficient, focusing on delivering digitally transformative solutions to the energy and utilities industry. Before joining Perficient, he worked for Anadarko Petroleum, an upstream E&P company later acquired by Occidental Petroleum. Sandeep’s areas of expertise include well lifecycle management, well planning, digital oilfield, and field optimization. He is based in Houston.


Sean McGrath headshot.

Sean McGrath

Sean is a principal and digital strategy lead for the energy & utilities industry. He has more than 25 years of experience in technology, continuous improvement, and management consulting.


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