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Automotive EV Charging Automotive EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging

A Perficient Strategic Position

Paving the Way for Widespread EV Adoption

Keith Tomatore
Keith "KT" Tomatore
Automotive Industry Lead, Perficient

What Is Electric Vehicle Charging?

Unfortunately, EV drivers face obstacles when charging their vehicles. Public chargers and charging mobile apps are often unreliable, which give some consumers pause when it comes to considering an EV as an everyday commuter car.

One study reported 25% of public charging stations as unusable due to broken connectors, network failures, payment system failures, and unresponsive screens.

The thought of going long distances without the promise of a charging station, combined with the long charging times required for every pit stop, eliminates EVs as road trip cars as well.

A chart that describes the difference between different types of electric vehicles and how each of them charge.

Not to mention, the requirements for payment differ from app to app and charging station to charging station. Some even require memberships or provide batteries that charge only certain cars.

Many enthusiasts believe in EVs, but the logistics of charging is fraught with anxiety. To encourage and support widespread EV penetration, the infrastructure must be consistent, reliable, and carefree.

Automotive EV Charging Automotive EV Charging

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