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Brand-owned Data Loop

A Perficient Strategic Position

Information Exchange for a Great User Experience

Kevin Colletti
Head of Digital Strategy & Innovation, Perficient

What Is a Brand-owned Data Loop?

Brand-owned data loops refer to the customer data an organization collects firsthand, the connections between that data and the endpoints that use it for decisioning, and the processes and teams that deliver the customer experience based on the data.

Brands that maximize their use of brand-owned customer data ultimately reap the business value of driving great customer experiences while also mitigating privacy concerns.

Customers expect seamless, personalized experiences across all their interactions with a brand. However, their expectations for privacy are just as strong, which has created a body of privacy regulations such as GDPR and CCPA, with which brands must comply even as they seek to deliver personalized experiences.

The challenge and opportunity in both scenarios are remarkably similar. Keeping the customer experience relevant and seamless, while also delivering on privacy, demands that brands associate all data to an individual, not just a device. Further, it requires a technology stack that allows for the orchestration of that identified data across any end point in real time. In short, it requires a brand-owned data loop.

While the general public is increasingly knowledgeable and aware of the data passively collected by companies they patronize, they are still willing to share their information with brands they trust in exchange for a great user experience.

Brand-owned data loops make this possible by creating a strategic capability that includes:

  • Customer data that is stored in a single source of truth
  • A 360-degree customer view incorporating first-party data
  • A data taxonomy that ties all customer data to an individual master record
  • Real-time updates to the data set from any customer interactions
  • The ability for business and marketing teams to easily operationalize the data
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