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A phone app with multiple services offered on it. A phone app with multiple services offered on it.

Manufacturing Subscription Services

A Perficient Strategic Position

Capturing Recurring Revenue for Manufacturers

Kevin Espinosa Headshot
Kevin Espinosa
Manufacturing Industry Lead, Perficient

What is Manufacturing Subscription Services?

Manufacturers have historically been far removed from the end customer, with sub-brands on the shelves often being more familiar to shoppers than the parent company. At the same time, customers are demanding frictionless digital shopping for their favorite products. This shift presents an opportunity for manufacturers to build brand awareness, improve customer relations, and generate repeat revenue. These initiatives can all be packaged in subscription services.

Manufacturers can tap new revenue streams using subscriptions, such as serving customers who no longer want to invest in product ownership.

Subscription services give customers convenient access to the products and services they love and allow them to set up recurring delivery of their favorite products, often at lower prices. They can also try new products with no long-term commitment.

Services provides for manufacturing subscription services.

Providing a convenient, flexible, and seamless commerce experience helps increase loyalty and also exposes customers to products they weren't aware of that are made by the same manufacturer.

A phone app with multiple services offered on it.

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