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A key fitting into a cloud-shaped lock, desktop hero. A key fitting into a cloud-shaped lock, mobile hero.

App Modernization

A Perficient Strategic Position

Unlock Trapped Business Value and Eliminate Risks With App Modernization

Steve Holstad
Steve Holstad
Principal, Cloud, Perficient

What is App Modernization?

App modernization is the process of updating software platforms, infrastructure, and architecture to improve business agility, resiliency, scalability, automation, and management control.  It extends the lifespan of valuable solutions while fostering technical innovation.

63% of organizations report lost revenue due to application outages and performance issues.

The need to modernize applications is more urgent than ever. Legacy systems hamper agility, inhibit innovation, and present security risks. However, app modernization can be daunting without a clear strategy aligned to business objectives such as product expansion, improved resiliency, or faster feature delivery.

The first step is an honest app assessment to reveal risks, technical debt, and dependencies that bog down early renovation attempts. Common red flags are outdated languages, vulnerable open-source, monolithic designs, and tired user experiences. These issues manifest as outages, inability to deliver features, fear of deployments, fragile integrations, lackluster customer journeys, and continued business frustration with IT.

App modernization process loop.

App modernization is never just a technology problem. It must mesh with a  hybrid cloud strategy to fit with your cloud operating model. Cultural and organizational blockers often hinder real progress. Investment in modern tools, automation, and change management are critical for sustainable success. Further training will be required where cloud-native skills are lacking, and trusted partners may provide collaborative learning and guided acceleration.

While the challenges are real, the payoff is worthwhile. Research shows that app modernization delivers substantial improvements in feature delivery time, reliability, security, fewer production incidents, improved user experiences, increased innovation, and lower costs over time.

A key fitting into a cloud-shaped lock, desktop hero. A key fitting into a cloud-shaped lock, mobile hero.

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