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Cloud Operating Model

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Cloud Success Starts in the Trenches: Winning with Cloud Operating Models

Steve Holstad
Steve Holstad
Principal, Cloud, Perficient

What is Cloud Operating Model?

A cloud operating model is the collection of processes and procedures that define how you operate and support business capabilities using technology provided by cloud platforms.

Migration without transformation is often the fatal flaw of a cloud adoption strategy.

Cloud operating models represent a transformative shift in technology strategy. Often overlooked, an effective model is crucial for transitioning from traditional hardware-focused operations to dynamic hybrid architectures. It elevates technology from a supporting role to a driving force in delivering business value and impactful innovation.

These models disrupt conventional processes by pivoting attention from physical assets to solutions, services, and data that serve a higher purpose. Cloud COEs, platform operations, and foundational services provide the acceleration and governance needed for a sustainable shift toward business improvement.

Your organization is unique, and your cloud operating model must be tailored to your specific goals. Leverage common patterns to craft a comprehensive blueprint for success. Revisiting your operating model is not just about keeping pace with technology—it’s a proactive step toward a more agile, resilient, and innovative future.

cloud ops playbook diagram

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