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A blue cloud raining confetti, desktop hero. A blue cloud raining confetti, mobile hero.

Cloud Portfolio Modernization

A Perficient Strategic Position

Skyrocket Business Impact With Cloud Modernization

Steve Holstad
Steve Holstad
Principal, Cloud, Perficient

What is Cloud Portfolio Modernization?

Portfolio modernization is the migration of an application catalog to the cloud while modernizing architectures for agility and resiliency by leveraging cloud-native services, containerization, and software delivery automation.

Companies cannot pump the breaks on digital transformation and remain competitive.

Competitive companies face a dilemma. On one hand, budgets are tightening due to economic headwinds and rising costs. On the other, businesses must continue to transform and deliver value in step with the incredible pace of innovation. Cloud portfolio modernization addresses both concerns.

By embracing cloud platforms, native services, and automation, companies can reach new heights of invention, flexibility, and resiliency, all within a secure and governed environment.

Organizations often struggle with legacy application stability, excessive maintenance costs, expensive hardware lifecycles, and an inability to deliver new capabilities due to overburdened teams trying to “keep the lights on” for another day.

Investing in a cloud portfolio modernization program pays immediate dividends in solution quality, feature delivery, inherent innovation, and employee growth–creating impactful teams eager to contribute to the organizational mission.

A blue cloud raining confetti, desktop hero. A blue cloud raining confetti, mobile hero.

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