Modernize Your Software Delivery Cycle to Be Secure and Compliant by Design

We partner with Chef Software, a leader in secure, continuous automation open source and commercial software, to provide end-to-end solutions to automate your entire software delivery cycle.

We provide help from the start of your DevOps journey - from implementing your Chef architecture and tooling to full-scale agile delivery programs and DevOps transformation. We can also help accelerate your application modernization strategy by leveraging Chef Habitat.

Our team of expert consultants partner with your organization to provide services across DevOps Jumpstart, agile DevOps transformation and modern application factory.

Chef for Effortless Infrastructure

Chef can manage servers – from 5 to 50,000 of them – by turning the configuration of infrastructure into code. Time-consuming activities like manual patching, configuration updates, and service installations for every server are removed and infrastructure becomes flexible, version-able, human-readable, and testable.

InSpec for Compliance at Velocity

InSpec turns compliance, security, and other policy requirements into automated tests. This open-source language is used for describing security and compliance rules and can be shared between software engineers, operations, and security engineers. Compliance, security, and other policy requirements become automated tests throughout all stages of the software delivery process – speeding up crucial compliance and security practices.

Habitat to Deliver Any App, Anywhere

Habitat provides a way to first package, then build, deploy, and manage any app to any environment. You need to be able to ship apps on demand from any part of your portfolio – from legacy monoliths to commercial off-the-shelf products to cloud native microservices. You need a unified way to manage the whole portfolio, which means packaging for portability, composability, and manageability to enable initiatives such as cloud and container migrations, as well as maintenance of legacy apps.