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Your Trusted Databricks Consulting Partner

We’re passionate about data engineering, data science, and advanced analytics. As a Databricks partner with more than 100 Databricks dedicated consultants, we build end-to-end solutions that will empower you to gain more value from your data. 

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Bring Your Data, Analytics, and AI Together

Databricks is a powerful and easy-to-use platform that allows for scalability, integration, collaboration, and access to a rich ecosystem of libraries and tools. It’s an ideal choice for big data processing and machine learning projects. Our partnership allows you to maximize the value from Databricks by addressing data engineering, data warehousing, AI & ML, data science, and data governance on the Lakehouse Platform.

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Eliminate Data Silos and Simplify Your Data Warehousing

Whether you need to transform your data platform and data ecosystem, self-enable analytics and data science, or achieve better resiliency and agility, our consultants can help.

Platform Modernization - Migrate off legacy platforms and consolidate to a cloud-native, secure, and privacy-focused data platform in a cost-effective and scalable way.

Unify Data Ecosystems - Design Lakehouse & Unity Catalog solutions to simplify access, governance, and provide accurate and timely data for critical business decisions.

Solve Complex Problems - Help customers solve their complex business and data problems with innovative solutions across platforms and industries.

Global Delivery - We provide global capabilities and expertise in strategy, implementation, migrations, and development to scale quickly.

Perficient + Databricks + Cloud Partners

No matter the cloud platform your enterprise uses, Databricks offers a consistent experience across Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Perficient’s multicloud expertise and highly specialized partnerships equip us with the knowledge and technical depth to ensure complete data modernization success with Databricks.

Databricks Brickbuilder solution badge.

The Migration Factory by Perficient on Databricks

A Brickbuilder Solution is a key component of the Databricks Partner Program and recognizes partners who have demonstrated a unique ability to offer differentiated Lakehouse industry and migration solutions in combination with their knowledge and expertise. Our inclusion in the program has allowed us to develop a factory approach to migrating legacy platforms into Databricks by leveraging reusable tooling and a proven framework to migrate workloads quickly and efficiently.

Our Migration Factory is proven to analyze, design, and pilot the end-to-end process to maximize productivity, integrate best practices, and seamlessly convert data between platforms.

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