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Microsoft Azure Consulting Partner

Microsoft Azure provides the flexibility, agility, and transparency you need to modernize your existing platforms and processes, leverage data in new and innovative ways, and create custom applications that serve your unique needs on a resilient, secure platform.

Enhancing Business Outcomes With Azure

The ever-evolving digital world is forcing many organizations to rapidly pivot the way they do business to meet changing customer demands. Success requires a modern cloud infrastructure, platforms, and services that allow you to innovate internal processes, offer enhanced products and services, and improve operational control and business flexibility.

Our Azure Consulting Solutions

The Benefits of Azure

  • Enable your remote workers with a secure virtual desktop experience that not only integrates with your hybrid enterprise environment, but has native integration with Office 365 and teams.
  • Improve your BCDR capabilities by using Azure backup & recovery capabilities for your enterprise.  Azure significantly reduces recovery times, improves security, and provides flexibility through multiple Azure data centers and replication capabilities.
  • Deliver cloud-first enterprise & mobile applications in a modern, secure manner with Azure’s PaaS services, container platforms, and DevOps capabilities.
  • Harmonize your data in the cloud and integrate it with advanced analytics, AI, and processing to drive actionable insights and real-time messaging and reporting.
  • Empower teams to be more agile, efficient, and able to leverage cutting-edge capabilities such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).
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We Are Your Azure Partner

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner with years of Azure experience, we are the perfect partner to deliver solutions that help you exceed your goals. Our teams offer comprehensive strategy engagements to align with business objectives as well as deep technical expertise and many years as a managed service provider.

Perficient is a Microsoft Azure Solutions Partner for Infrastructure, Digital and App Innovation, Data and AI, and Security.

Build a Cloud Foundation With Azure

A thorough strategy and foundation are critical to setting up the platform to scale and meet your future needs. We can perform an initial cloud implementation focused on advanced networking, governance, security, and connectivity. Our approach is based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption framework, and we focus on educating you on best practices for cloud adoption and enablement.

Defend Against Cyber Threats With Microsoft Threat Protection

Threat Protection provides a powerful and comprehensive defense against a wide range of cyber threats. Microsoft provides a unified and cohesive approach to threat detection and response through Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Office 365, and Microsoft Cloud App Security. Microsoft has infused AI into Threat Protection services to improve accuracy and reduce false positives, thus reducing noise and churn for security operators.  Take a critical step in safeguarding your digital assets beyond what traditional firewalls and on-premises detection systems have to offer.

Respond to Threats in Real Time With Microsoft Sentinel

Sentinel’s robust security information and event management (SIEM) capabilities allow you to detect and respond to security threats in real time. Centralized security monitoring and automated threat detection streamlines security operations, minimizes risks, and enhances your overall cybersecurity posture.

Elevate Data Governance and Compliance Capabilities With Microsoft Purview

Data privacy, adherence to industry regulations, and compliance are critical to all enterprises. Purview enables enhanced data governance capabilities across your data in both Office 365 and Azure and provides a unified view of data assets across the organization to facilitate efficient data discovery, classification, and governance.

Create a Modern Data Platform With Azure, Fabric, and Microsoft Dataverse

Data platform modernization is a key focus area for many enterprises. Modernizing data storage, movement, governance, and security unlocks limitless possibilities for data analysis and informed decision making on legacy and emerging data streams. We implement modern data platforms on Azure Synapse as well as Fabric.  We also integrate with Microsoft Dataverse for Power Platform and Dynamics needs.

Data Center Migration

Data Center migrations are often the result of various initiatives – lease terminations, support issues, office space consolidations, M&A activities, cloud-first initiatives, etc.  Migrating your infrastructure and servers to cloud offers many benefits including security, scalability, cost efficiency, and integration with other cloud technologies. Our comprehensive guidance in data center migrations/exits includes assessment, cost analysis, app rationalization, and Azure backup/Azure site recovery services. We support both small- and large-scale migrations and ensure you’re ready to operate and maintain the environment following the migration.

Enable Remote Workers With Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a compelling choice for enterprises seeking to enhance their IT infrastructure and remote workforce productivity. With AVD you can centralize desktop environments and reduce the complexity of managing physical environments. It also offers native Office 365 and Teams integration to provide end users with best-in-class performance. Use AVD to improve your resiliency and scalability while ensuring data security and compliance.

Transform DevOps Toolchain With Github

Leverage GitHub with Azure for a powerful combination of tools and services that streamline software development and deployment. GitHub's robust version control system and collaboration features foster code quality and faster development cycled by enabling teams to work efficiently and collaboratively on codebases. Integrate GitHub with Azure to further enhance DevOps practices with deployment pipelines and enable continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). GitHub Copilot offers capabilities to accelerate developers’ productivity via intelligent code suggestions and assistance with code analysis and troubleshooting.

Cloud-Native Automation

In a cloud-first world, automation and infrastructure as code (IaC) is a best practice to ensure cloud deployments are secure, repeatable, and efficient. ARM, Bicep, and Terraform are languages used for IaC in Azure. Integration with GitHub and Azure DevOps enables robust version control practices and automation through CI/CD pipelines to support automated deployments and testing scenarios.

Migrate Your Enterprise Applications

Migrating to cloud is more than migrating servers; migrating should also enable best-in-class security, governance, automation, and integration capabilities. Leveraging cloud services lets you focus on your products and customers rather than spending significant time and investment in supporting outdated infrastructure.

Perficient offers comprehensive modernization engagements to assess your applications, rationalize which applications are best suited for cloud, identify remediation needs, and demonstrate new cloud capabilities resulting from those migration efforts. We support small engagements focusing on specific applications as well as large enterprise portfolio assessments.

Level-Up Your Enterprise Applications

Modernize applications on Azure to take advantage of cloud scale and reliability while unlocking capabilities such as AI-enhanced search and machine learning. Legacy applications can be complicated, and modernization takes significant planning, design, and validation to ensure success. We can help with portfolio rationalization, code and technical analysis, and replatforming to microservices and containers.

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Azure Microsoft Managed Services

Perficient is a Direct Cloud Solution Provider and your go-to source for Microsoft licenses and the Azure platform for billing, FinOps, technical support, and operational support services. We have expertise in 24/7 managed services, specializing in data platforms, Sitecore, and turnkey e-commerce solutions.

We Implement Azure's Technical Capabilities

We have the deep experience to help you unlock the power of Microsoft Azure. Our expertise includes:

  • Azure DevOps + Github for code repos and CI/CD using Terraform, Bicep, and ARM for IaC
  • Azure Data Platform via Synapse, Cosmos DB, Data Factory, Power BI, and Microsoft Fabric
  • Intelligent applications with AI and ML
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Containerization via Azure Container Apps, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Red Hat OpenShift (ARO)
  • Azure Virtual Machines (IaaS - Windows and Linux)
  • Azure Integration Services and Serverless (Azure Functions, Logic Apps, App Services)
  • Azure Cognitive Services and AI Search
  • Microsoft Entra and Entra External ID
  • Azure API Management
  • Azure Bot Framework and virtual agents
  • Azure as a Recovery Site (backup and disaster recovery via Azure Site Recovery)
  • Azure Landing Zones
  • Microsoft Defender
  • Microsoft Sentinel

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