Promote Innovation by Radically Speeding Application Delivery Time - Sounds Good, Doesn’t It?

DevOps stresses communication, collaboration, and integration of the various IT aspects required to deliver solutions for the business. It is a response to the interdependence of software development and IT operations that aims to help you rapidly produce software products and services. DevOps promotes innovation by radically speeding application delivery time.

IT is a critical hub of business operations. Attempts to mitigate risk through outsourcing and managed services merely shifts perceived bottlenecks and constraints in the workflow instead of eliminating them. A high-performing IT organization is twice as likely to exceed profitability, market share and productivity goals. Perficient addresses both the technical and non-technical challenges of implementing a DevOps program.

Strategic Advisory Services

We address DevOps from a strategy and change management perspective. We assess and mitigate risks, redesign communications and delivery processes, ensure higher quality, and support increased automation of critical IT tasks that limit productivity of key IT resources.

A key component of our DevOps offering is our Velocity Limit assessment. This assessment evaluates variables that impact your ability to absorb change and deal with disruptive technology. Identifying organizational risks means they can be more easily mitigated, thus facilitating more successful adoption rates for changes brought about by such initiatives as cloud computing, bring your own device (BYOD), and IT transformation and modernization.

Continuous Deployment & Delivery Tools

DevOps is not a skill or technology. Rather, it’s a tool that supports the implementation of a DevOps culture. Perficient can quickly automate the tool chain used to build, test, and deploy applications and application environments. We have implemented DevOps programs for retail, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications, and energy across a broad technology base.

Other DevOps Services

In addition to our DevOps strategic advisory and deployment and delivery tools, we deliver unprecedented expertise in:

  • Continuous integration and testing program development
  • Continuous delivery and improvement program development
  • DevOps automation tooling implementation (Chef Software, IBM UrbanCode, Puppet Labs)
  • Value stream mapping
  • Agile at Scale program development
  • Code reviews