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A Multinational Networking Company

Boosting Partner Relations With Salesforce and Change Management

What if... we could empower partner growth, productivity, and satisfaction through simplified processes, integrated tools, and a personalized digital experience?

Our client is a multinational corporation that brings simplicity to networking and cybersecurity. The company develops and markets networking products, including routers, switches, network management software, network security products, and software-defined networking technology.

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Salesforce and Change Management Resolve a Disjointed Partner Experience

Our client’s partner relationship management (PRM) solution was manual, ran on disparate systems, and provided little visibility into meaningful partner data. This made it difficult for partners to be productive and enable growth within the channel. The company wanted to improve the partner experience, increase satisfaction, and grow partner-generated sales revenue.

We used our Salesforce platform expertise to design and develop a world-class PRM solution to enable our client’s complex business processes and product offerings.

Following the Salesforce implementation, our organizational change management (OCM) experts designed and executed a strong change management methodology to improve business processes, workflows, and assist with end-user adoption.

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World-Class PRM, Powered by Salesforce

To improve partner experiences, we built a custom-branded, CRM-powered partner community on the Salesforce platform. We designed and developed a tailored partner relationship management solution to support our client’s complex business processes and product offerings while simplifying its channel sales process.

We personalized the partner self-service portal for registration, tools access, and terms and conditions management, including a new partner account registration form, knowledge articles, and FAQ produced by our OCM team. We also implemented an improved partner locator.

Our unique PRM solution aligned standardized complexities with industry best practices, personalized a partner’s self-service portal based on a dynamic rule or user type, and automated workflows for partner lifecycle management.

The new partner community lays the foundation for efficiency, growth, and productivity through simplified tools, a new partner account registration form, self-service capabilities, and a personalized digital experience.

Change Management Paves a Path to Successful User Adoption

To effectively lead change, increase user adoption, and enable productivity at go-live, we created and executed a comprehensive change management strategy wherein our client and its partner end users received targeted communications to reinforce awareness and the case for change.

Our OCM team collaborated with our client to create extensive training artifacts that were utilized during and after virtual training sessions. We also created internal and external on-demand resources, such as knowledge articles and FAQs, to build capabilities, enable productivity with new tools and processes, and make them available on the Salesforce partner community.

Our Salesforce team simplified every step in the channel sales process to quickly onboard channel partners, increase partner satisfaction, and boost partner-generated sales revenues. 


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Accelerated Channel Sales and Growth With Intelligent Partner Collaboration

Our Salesforce team optimized our clients’ partner data structure to make it suitable for PRM purposes and simplified every step in the channel sales process to quickly onboard channel partners, increase partner satisfaction, and boost partner-generated sales revenues.

The new partner community enhanced deal registrations for more than 10,000 partners by providing them with the same tools that makes our client’s own internal team successful. Extensive training artifacts promoted user adoption, which in turn boosted the company’s return on its Salesforce investment.

We created a partner community tailored to providing partners a 360-degree view into their business with our client, which increased efficiency, improved process controls for compliance, and delivered a world-class partner experience.

Our expertise with Salesforce and our industry-leading OCM strategy and methodology provided us with a blend of capabilities that ensured project success. Our client cited its new partner community as “one of our more successful projects to date".

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