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Modernization and Disruption With a Custom Cloud-Native Application

What if we could enable a modern, mobile healthcare company with technology to match?

Our client is a national managed care provider that helps injured workers return to work safely and efficiently by providing compassionate care, improving productivity, and reducing costs for its customers.

Female doctor wrapping a man's injurt with bandages.

Strategic Insight

Companies in the healthcare space are inundated with data – especially if acquisitions are involved. Often, this means that the data is scattered and disorganized in disparate systems, which leads to inefficiencies throughout the business.

Our client was no different, especially after undertaking multiple acquisitions. Furthermore, the marketplace was very crowded, which meant our client needed to differentiate itself by operating in a more efficient and user-friendly manner.

To accomplish this, the client engaged us to help modernize key applications and transform its custom business application to improve processes, bring data together, and future-proof the business.

Business woman working on an iPad in a conference room.

Modernizing Operations With a New Application and Business Platform

The client needed help with collecting medical case data, improving billing accuracy, intelligently routing cases, and empowering a mobile workforce with technology to enable them to work on the move.

To accomplish this, we built a cloud-native, mobile application in tandem with transforming the core business platform to migrate the large amount of disparate data into a single streamlined platform.

This involved full-stack development, building hybrid cloud infrastructure for the platform, deploying automated CI/CD pipelines, and leveraging and integrating Azure architecture with several Azure features, including App Services, WebJobs, Functions, Traffic Manager, Content Delivery Network, SendGrid, Active Directory, and more.

On the front end, we deployed an Angular single page application with an API-centric design that offered mobile capabilities and hybrid connectivity.

The result was an easy-to-use solution that streamlined processes and task-driven workflow, while also positioning the client well for any future acquisitions.

The application helped thousands of users take advantage of more timely and accurate data, with billing errors also reduced as a result.


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Key Benefits

The multiple product line system handles the vast majority of the company’s internal traffic. Furthermore, by partnering with the client’s internal team, we set the company up to successfully handle all future required development, operations, and support, enabling them to develop and deploy new features for the platform.

The application helped thousands of users take advantage of more timely and accurate data, with billing errors also reduced as a result. Importantly, the application is mobile-enabled, allowing traveling users that enter compensation cases around the country to be able to enter and access crucial information and ultimately provide more efficient, improved care for injured workers.

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