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Infinity Healthcare

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Infinity HealthCare is multispecialty medical group practice, providing staffing and management services to 20 hospitals in Wisconsin and Illinois.

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The Intranet Was Not in Good Health

Infinity supports local group practices in hospitals with software for billing, information systems, performance metrics, and human resources. To accomplish this, a user-friendly, robust intranet is a must in order to keep employees connected, educated, and engaged. However, Infinity’s existing intranet system wasn’t up to the task and was running on an outdated, unsupported platform. The intranet was essentially static pages of links that made it difficult for employees to share knowledge and content – a must-have for healthcare employees to stay informed and educated. In addition, the site was not mobile-friendly, and on-the-go staff found it difficult to access, which resulted in low adoption rates.

Elevating the Intranet Experience with Rise

Infinity sought a solution and identified SharePoint Online as the ideal platform for its new intranet, since the company had recently invested in a move to Office 365. They wanted a simple platform that was mobile-friendly, easy to use, and encouraged adoptability. We gave Infinity a demo of Rise – our Intranet as-a-Service, a new breed of solution that can deliver on the most common intranet functionality, out of the box. This allows the intranet to be and up running quickly – helping to immediately engage end users. Rise is mobile-friendly and allows for branding and customization, allowing a company to create an intranet system that lends itself as a connector between external and internal brands.

“It’s amazing how quickly it looked like Infinity HealthCare,” said Nick Schumann, cloud system administrator at Infinity.

Within a few weeks of roll-out, more than 75% of Infinity’s workforce had accessed the intranet, logging an average of 10 sessions per user. “Everyone who sees it is extremely impressed.” Nick Schumann, cloud system administrator at Infinity
A healthcare worker taking an older patient's blood pressure.

Knowledge sharing is imperative to healthcare workers, and employees at Infinity are no exception. A large component of the intranet’s usefulness is its ability to quickly share articles and information with colleagues. Rise supports such a need.

“The ability to create an article on one page and have it roll up to the homepage automatically is big,” Schumann said.

Tags make articles easy to organize, categorize, and locate on the fly. In addition, content is automatically security trimmed, ensuring that users only see their intended information. Rise also gave Infinity the ability to combine legacy systems into its new intranet. Using a custom page that combined a Rise navigation menu with a targeted iframe, Infinity is able to provide built-in access to a legacy HR system. A hybrid approach of employing responsive universal templates along with custom pages gives Infinity the ability to make the intranet flexible, functional, and uniquely their own.


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To Infinity and Beyond

Thanks to Rise, an intranet implementation that normally could have taken more than six months was completed in a matter of weeks. Infinity collaborated with the Rise support team during the process, ensuring quick response times and request fulfillment.

Within a few weeks of roll-out, more than 75% of Infinity’s workforce had accessed the intranet, logging an average of 10 sessions per user. “Everyone who sees it is extremely impressed,” Schumann said.

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