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An Experience Fit for An Industry Leader

What If we could help a leading safety manufacturer transform its ecommerce experience to better protect people and property?

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Helping A Leading Manufacturer Be Mobile-Friendly and More Secure

Our relationship with Kidde began when the company decided to launch a pilot commerce website on the Adobe Commerce platform in 2010 and chose Perficient to be its implementation partner. The initial site included seven products and required basic commerce functionality as well as a few specific requests: a payment gateway, dealer locator, and integration with Kidde’s fulfillment providers. After successfully launching the initial commerce site, we continued to provide hosting and development work as Kidde expanded its online presence.

Six years later, the company decided to take advantage of the updated functionality offered in the newest version of the Magento Enterprise platform, Magento 2, becoming one of the first Perficient clients to do so.

Taking Advantage of the Latest Technology

One of the main reasons Kidde wanted to upgrade to Adobe Commerce was the enhanced security the new platform would provide. The switch to Adobe Commerce would also provide Kidde customers a more modern, mobile-responsive user experience.

Our software upgrade factory model – a standardized, repeatable methodology for delivering large-scale development projects – made the move to Adobe Commerce not only possible, but also cost-effective for Kidde.

We began the migration by updating the company’s configuration at the server level to comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). We then built the new, mobile-responsive site to meet the needs of Kidde’s fulfillment teams and customers using a combination of built-in Adobe Commerce functionality, extensions from the Adobe Commerce Marketplace, and custom development. The new site launched successfully in 2017.

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Continuing Development at Home and Abroad

With the first site migration under its belt, Kidde was ready to expand its ecommerce presence and make mobile shopping possible for more of its customers.

The migration of to Adobe Commerce laid the groundwork for us to also migrate the company’s LockBox ecommerce site to the updated platform. Following that, Kidde asked us to develop and launch several additional ecommerce sites on Adobe Commerce, which represent Kidde’s various products to customers in the U.S. and Canada.

Perficient’s multi-disciplinary teams and services continue to make strategic recommendations and Agile development implementations to help us grow sustainably. Since our upgrade, we have continued to build on that success by utilizing the Perficient Search and CRO teams to further secure, enhance, and optimize our Adobe Commerce sites. Todd Pendergast, Digital Marketing Manager UTC Climate, Controls & Security


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Going into the Adobe Commerce upgrade, Kidde felt strongly that mobile users would be much more likely to shop and purchase on the site once it was optimized for mobile devices and security.

In the several months immediately after the upgrade, the company saw the conversion rate for mobile users increase by 637% and overall conversion rate increase by 89.8% compared to the previous year.

Through our close partnership and experience working on these Kidde projects, we have been able to continually refine and streamline our processes, increasing efficiency and providing an improved, responsive commerce experience with each new site.

Since upgrading to Adobe Commerce, Kidde has also expanded its relationship with Perficient to utilize some of our Agency offerings, including our organic search and conversion rate optimization (CRO) expertise, to continue to optimize the experience, reach, and revenue of its ecommerce sites.

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