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Taking the Burden Out of Finding the Data Employees Need

Nutanix delivers invisible infrastructure for next-generation enterprise computing by natively converging compute, storage and visualization into a turnkey hyperconverged solution.

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Infrastructure Provider Needed Some Structure of Its Own

Nutanix needed an enterprise search solution to connect and integrate its core business applications and document repositories to ease the burden of finding the right information at the right time for its customers.

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Google Search for Work Delivers

Google Search Appliance brings Google technology to your organization’s content, regardless of where it lives. From file shares and databases to a public website or systems for sales, content management and ERP, Google Search for Work can help increase the three key areas search aims to solve: relevance, speed, and ease of use.

Nutanix chose Perficient to build a Google Search for Work solution that collects and culls search results from different content sources in order to meet the day-to-day search needs of the organization.

We began the enterprise search implementation by interviewing stakeholders to understand their needs and develop a solid set of enterprise search requirements. We then moved to the design and development phase, where we analyzed all of the content sources that needed to be integrated. These included JIRA, Salesforce, Google Drive, Yammer, additional product documentation, knowledge base documents, solution briefs, and field advisories that were stored in Amazon S3 cloud.

Additional Features Implemented

Nutanix benefited from a rapid implementation thanks to Perficient’s pre-built connectors. Salesforce, JIRA, and onebox modules that integrated feeds from their internal social network, Yammer were all used to support integration efforts and provide a robust search environment.  

The development and deployment phase wouldn’t have been complete without providing an intuitive user interface to meet the ease-of-use requirements. We customized and presented search results to mimic a search screen and integrated with the single sign-on system, Okta, to authenticate users.

Featured included:

  • User-added results: Users help improve the search experience by adding results for a specific keyword.
  • KeyMatch Results: A document might not be in the search index or might not appear among the highest search results even though it might be valuable to users. KeyMatch guides users to recommended links and appear at the top when a user enters a specific search term.
  • Dynamic Results: Google Search for Work automatically generates alternative search queries by analyzing indexed documents based on a user's current search query and displays them to help users find the information they need.
  • Sub-Dynamic Navigation: Dynamic navigation allows users to filter search results by content attributes such as author, date or location.
  • People Search: Users can easily find experts in the organization by searching on related keywords.
  • Tab-like Navigation: This customization shows results between different sources in each tab and quickly allows users to find the information they need.
  • Search by Voice: This plug-in was added to the search screen to access a browser's audio stream and convert it to text and initiate search.
End users search inside Nutanix the same way they search Google Search for Work responds, learns and provides the most relevant results.


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Improving the Infrastructure

Google Search for Work Increases Flexibility and Profitability

By implementing Google Search for Work, Nutanix can provide easily accessible, highly relevant search results to the entire company, driven from one simple 'Google search-like' interface.


  • Associates responded that the solution is a vast improvement over the legacy search.
  • Streamlined search process on one simplified screen by connecting all sources of information to Google Search for Work.
  • The simplicity of the search experience provides an overall ease-of-use.

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