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Interactive Location Services Turns Data Into Actionable Insights 

What if... a custom hub could provide customers access to geolocation data in order to power their own projects?

Our client is a geolocation technology services company that builds and sells a variety of offerings. The company is focused on the concept of location and the potential it has to radically improve the way people do business, get around, and live. 

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Amplifying the Value of Geolocation Data 

As a geolocation and mapping services company, our client receives billions of data points every second, but the question remained as to how to best utilize all that information and make it easily available to customers.

This wealth of intelligence offered a unique opportunity for the client to expand its business tools and, in turn, provide added value to its end users.

However, this also required highly specialized professionals to develop the strategies and mechanisms required to extract actionable insights.

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Powering Customer Products and Rich User Experiences 

Our client asked us to build an environment that would provide its customers access to their data, regardless of their technology, and grant them the information needed to power any projects that require geolocation data.

We first explored a variety of proofs of concept. Because the project was based on a geographic relational database, we tested various big data platforms such as Spark and Hadoop to achieve geospatial analysis on a larger scale.

From there, we built an environment that allowed our client’s customers to work easily with the data without having to refer to the code line or understand cluster details.

In order to ensure a robust and straightforward environment, we built the solution in Scala Java with API libraries, mainly supported by Apache Zeppelin. Following further iterations, the platform also fully supported Jupyter and Python. Data scientists were thus able to use the data in their chosen language and power their projects as needed.

Making Database Information Accessible for Queries

We determined that the client’s database information needed to be more accessible for queries.

To better leverage data for analytics development, we focused on making previously difficult-to-pull information more easily accessible.

Through a Scala-powered compiler and Spark pipelines, we devised a system that cut query processing time by 87%, increasing efficiency and accelerating the client’s customer product development.

The result is a product that is available internally for use, with plans to launch it externally as an offering to customers as well.

We devised a system that cut query processing time by 87%, increasing efficiency and accelerating the client’s customer product development.


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Powering Geolocation Services Development 

Our solutions helped ensure that our client can access and leverage its data to deliver business value and power its initiatives to transform geolocation services within the next decade.

By leveraging the client’s data, customers will be able to build rich and highly customizable user experiences, bringing their services to the next level.

Our experience building custom product solutions that clients can take to market and our ability to harness big data made us the perfect partner for this project.

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