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Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company

One of the World's Premier Pharmaceutical Companies

Our client is one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies. Its leading portfolio of products and medicines supports wellness and prevention as well as treatment and cures for diseases across a broad range of therapeutic areas.

Seeking Clinical Operations Expertise

Our life sciences practice has worked with our client for many years. We have provided architectural and best-practice guidance for the implementation of Oracle’s Life Sciences Data Hub (LSH), a data warehouse designed to store clinical and safety data. We have assisted with the design and implementation of our client's clinical data review system, and we have helped them upgrade and migrate their clinical data analysis and reporting system.

We have also provided technical and business architectural oversight and guidance including gap assessments, and we have developed utilities for our client's clinical trials program, an initiative that supports the company’s clinical trials through a holistic solution that incorporates and integrates various systems and business processes.

More recently, our client had begun implementing Oracle Siebel CTMS in the Oracle Cloud, but had reached an impasse with its implementation vendor and needed a trustworthy partner with deep Siebel CTMS expertise to help move things forward. Additionally, our client was seeking guidance on implementing Oracle InForm and Oracle Data Management Workbench (DMW).

Due to our strong relationship, our expertise in Oracle Health Sciences applications, and our deep industry knowledge, our client selected us for all of these needs.

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Putting Clinical Trials Back on Track


Our client asked us to correct and improve upon the previous vendor’s mistakes, and complete the configuration, implementation, and integration of Siebel CTMS in the Oracle Cloud.

Siebel CTMS is a clinical trial management system that enables companies to efficiently manage and monitor operational aspects of clinical trials, including which investigators are conducting a trial, which institutions and sites have recruited subjects, and how many subjects have been recruited for a trial. The system will help facilitate several hundred clinical trials that our client conducts each year.


This project includes providing guidance for the implementation of InForm, an Oracle solution used for capturing and managing the clinical trial data, such as vital signs and test results.


In addition to the CTMS and InForm projects, we are also providing guidance for the implementation and use of DMW.

DMW combines data from multiple sources using a standard data structure. This provides an accurate picture of clinical studies and permits better planning. To use this new source of data efficiently, we are providing our client best practices and architectural guidance, and supplying custom software to help streamline and automate the flow of the data between these essential systems.

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Helping Bring Drugs to Market Faster

As our client changes its model for conducting clinical trials by bringing the data acquisition process back in-house, the company requires guidance and support to help internalize and implement mission-critical systems and business processes.

We continue to help our client better understand how to implement and efficiently use clinical systems, and are developing specialized tools and new business processes revolving around clinical trials data.

Leveraging our expertise will help our client realize its strategy for the improved management of data quality and, more importantly, better control of the standardization and efficient processing of data. This will enable faster study set-up timelines, shorter cycles for data review and cleaning, quicker reporting, and ultimately, the ability to bring drugs to market faster.

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