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Kick, Pushing the Envelope

What If we could make shopping for a skateboard online as cool as going into your local skate shop?

When it comes to buying a skateboard, there are two decision-makers: the kid who’s riding it and the parent who’s buying it. We needed to appeal to both. For the kids, it was all about authenticity and connecting with skate culture. For the parents, configuring a skateboard is a complicated process, so we had to help them make an informed decision that fit into their budget and be the right fit for their kids.

Zumies logo
A row of brightly-decorated skateboards.
A Zumiez online shopping website page on a laptop.

Building the Right Ride

Zumiez riders choose from distinct skateboard packages for new riders, skilled skaters, and practically pro. Skaters at every level get a clever, customized experience that guides them easily through the shopping process. The configurator lets skaters choose from a large selection of decks, wheels, bearings, trucks and grips. They can refine choices by brand, color, size, and price; if they want help or inspiration, it’s available at every step.

Two children standing next to their skateboards.

Illustrations and Imagery

We created detailed illustrations for every component so novice riders—and purchasing parents—could understand what each part was and how it worked. Whether building for ramps, rails, skate parks or the street, Zumiez riders can be confident that they’re building and buying their best board.

Blueprint design of skateboard wheels and axle.

Skate Culture and Inspiration

In the inspiration section, Zumiez can easily showcase brand partners, promotions, social content, videos and recommendations from pro riders, and gives shoppers an immersive look into the world of skateboarding.


A Zumiez website statistics page on a tablet.

Our creative design talent and user experience skill helped Zumiez craft a configurator that keeps their brand partners involved and their customers inspired.

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