Contact Center Innovation with Twilio Flex

Twilio Flex is an entirely new approach to contact centers. More than just a contact center product, Twilio Flex is a platform for innovation in customer service. With the control to change any layer of the contact center stack and deliver it with the speed of the cloud, Flex offers the ability to meet your needs today while providing a foundation for future growth.

The Perficient Approach

As a Twilio Gold Partner with certified Flex engineers and years of experience delivering customer care solutions – including building proprietary solutions and migrating legacy contact centers to modern platforms – our certified experts offer a wide range of capabilities, including:

  • Strategy and Planning: We’ll review your current contact center needs, map current functionality to Twilio Flex and other Twilio services and provide pilot planning.
  • Contact Center Migration: This includes Twilio Flex provisioning, call flow configurations, and testing.
  • Integration Services: We ensure seamless integration with contact center applications (WFM, reporting, etc.), establish connectivity to third-party and proprietary systems including CRM, ERP, ticketing and eCommerce, as well as lead development with Salesforce, Dynamics/Microsoft, Oracle and IBM platforms.
  • Managed Services: Our Managed Services portfolio provides proactive support services that improve the reliability and performance of your contact center solution.
    • Specifically focused on Twilio Flex, each offering is tailored to support a set of operational functions that act as core requirements in maintaining a robust, efficient, and well-managed contact center solution. Our highly specialized, dedicated team of support engineers continuously monitors system performance 24/7 to ensure your business operates securely and at maximum capacity.
    • From tier 1 to tier 3 levels of technical support, to custom development, health monitoring, recovery assistance, patch release management, configuration changes, and end-user training sessions, our end-to-end services help you excel without the costs of supporting an internal team..

    More on Managed Services

  • Adoption Management: A structured engagement plan – including organizational communication strategies, leadership and employee engagement, end-user training and documentation – ensure employees play an active role in the change and receive the training and support they need.
  • DevOps: Our services include strategy and roadmapping, continuous deployment and delivery tools, integration and testing programs, and delivery and improvement program development.

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Quick Start Offerings

Proof of Concepts (POC)

We’ll work with you to determine your organization’s success criteria, and then provide you with the necessary development, testing and deployment processes, enabling you to evaluate key features and/or integrations based on your overall objectives.


We’ll provide 20-30 users with traditional IVR routing including 1-3 attributes and an inbound Voice Plus One Twilio Flex text-based channel (SMS, What’sApp, WebChat), providing support and training through regular checkpoints.

Contact Center Migration

Based on design and project plans, along with client feedback, we perform necessary configuration, development, integration, testing, and deployment work to implement a solution based on Twilio Flex for all production contact center workloads. We migrate groups gradually and as needed to ensure a risk-free transition, andalso provide training and go-live support to minimize user disruption and frustration.

Migration tasks include:

  • Twilio Flex provisioning
  • Call flow creation
  • Contact center reporting
  • Custom Integrations
  • Development, testing, and deployment processes
  • UAT
  • Go live support

AI and Bot Elaboration or Implementation

We work with you to determine how to incorporate the use of artificial intelligence tools into your customer service offerings. These services include:

  • Customer self-service using bot interaction
  • Incorporating natural language into your IVR
  • Analyzing customer intent during routing and within agent interactions
  • Post call analysis, such as sentiment, agent compliance, customer satisfaction and quality assurance

After assessment, we will deliver an elaboration document that includes:

  • Relevant Twilio services and offerings
  • Specific implementation ideas
  • Areas for deeper elaboration