Twilio Flex Managed Services

Our Managed Services portfolio provides proactive support services that improve the reliability and performance of your contact center solution.

Support requirements for a contact center solution look different for every organization. While some can manage operational responsibilities in house, others source a partnership to maximize their investment.

A successful customer experience relies on the efficiency, productivity, and reliability of your solution’s output. Our managed service offerings provide your business with complete peace of mind by implementing proactive measures resulting in increased performance.

Our a la carte offerings are specifically tailored to Twilio Flex solution deployments. Our dedicated team of Twilio Flex experts help you overcome challenges around staffing, feature enhancements, and optimization. Utilizing our best-of-breed operational management practices, each offering is designed to service a set of operational functions that are necessities for optimal performance.

Benefits of Managed Services


Manage risk through our contact center specialists’ industry knowledge and best practices in areas such as compliance and security.


Provides improved system performance, minimal downtime, and fewer glitches. Proactive efforts include 24x7 performance monitoring and a defined patch management program.


The ease and speed of introducing new features or functionality into the business is seamless - staying on pace with customer and industry demands.


We will deal with the software vendor, so you don’t have to. We provide the ability to call one single vendor for all aspects of the contact center solution.


Maintain consistent service without the additional costs of retaining key personnel. Our expert teams help minimize the chance of an expensive disaster.


Access highly skilled specialized resources with defined service-level agreements. Support is always available days, nights, weekends, and holidays – 24/7 availability to support users.


Makes it easy to scale up or down depending on demand.


Helps your organizations stay focused on critical business needs while we handle the complex contact center IT situations. This frees up IT staff to work on strategic project initiatives.

Essentials Operations and Support

Our Essentials Operations and Support package includes a series of support services that play an instrumental role in consistently maintaining the health, performance, and efficiency of your contact center solution.

  • Level 1 help desk services
  • Level 2- 3 remote technical support
  • 24x7x365 support for priority incidents
  • 24x7 Twilio Flex application performance monitoring
  • Proactive notification of customer experience issues
  • Recovery assistance services 
  • Ongoing updates and upgrades of Twilio Flex instance
  • Liaison with Twilio support and other third-party vendors as required
  • End-user/agent/supervisor training
  • Solution architectural documentation management
  • Monthly service performance delivery reporting
  • Quarterly business review
  • Dedicated technical account manager
  • Defined service level agreements

Custom Development Operations And Support

Our Custom Development Operations and Support offering adds an additional layer of security with specialized expertise. The offering is focused on the health, performance, and management of customized creations implemented by our team.

  • Developer remote support for customizations and integrations
  • 24x7x365 support for priority incidents
  • 24x7 performance health monitoring of custom components
  • Release and deploy custom code upgrades to fix verified reproducible bugs 
  • Release and deploy custom code upgrades to remain compatible with Twilio Flex service enhancements
  • Proactive notification of customer experience issues
  • Liaison with Twilio support and other third-party vendors as required
  • Monthly service performance delivery reporting
  • Dedicated technical account management
  • Defined service level agreements

Managed Moves, Adds, Changes, Deletes (MACD)

Our MACD service ensures daily administrative responsibilities are executed with the utmost importance. We take care of the day to day administrative tasks, so your internal team has more time to focus on other objectives.

  • Unlimited remote minor configuration adjustments of routine administrative tasks
  • Management of secure moves, adds, changes, or deletes within the Twilio Flex platform
  • Defined service level agreements