A Talend Platinum Partner and Value-Added Reseller 

Data fuels the insights needed for companies to anticipate challenges, pivot faster, and act with confidence. But gathering clean, complete and compliant data can be a challenge.

Talend, a leader in data integration and integrity, is the only platform delivering all the necessary capabilities you need to ensure you have the right data when you need it in a single platform.

Our Partnership

We are a proud Platinum Talend partner delivering a complete set of capabilities including advisory services, customized project delivery, and factory delivery model. And our dedicated and certified Talend team is part of our award-winning data solutions practice, capable of offering a robust set of complimentary services around DevOps, big data, cloud data warehouse, and cloud architecture through both onshore and offshore delivery models.

An Award-Winning Partnership

2021 Talend Partner of the Year

2021 Talend Partner of the Year

End-to-End Solutions

We understand the power of data and all the tools necessary to help empower you with insights that will drive better business outcomes. Our experienced team can provide the solutions and services needed for success including:

  • Cloud integration
  • Cloud, multi cloud, and hybrid cloud data integration
  • Cloud data warehousing
  • Modern data governance
  • API and application integration
  • Talend Data Fabric
  • Talend Data Stewardship and MDM

Speed Up Migrations with Our ETL Migration Accelerator 

Migrating legacy ETLs to modern tools can be time consuming and often resource intensive. That’s why we’ve developed a custom ETL Migration Accelerator that can migrate a number of ETL jobs to Talend Jobs in just a matter of seconds. Benefits include: 

  • Efficiency: Build real code native to the target vendor with no additional applications or runtimes required once the migration is complete.
  • Completeness: Risk-based testing and DevOps.
  • Scalable: Cloud-based conversion is able to scale to thousands of jobs.
  • Reduced Risk: A fixed-priced solution that includes direct engagement with solution developers.
  • Single Provider Solution: We are capable of providing the entirety of services required.

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