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Automotive consulting services

Changing Customer Expectations in a Digital-First World

For most consumers, shopping for a new car starts on their mobile device, not at the dealership. Digital technology has been transforming the way consumers shop for more than a decade, but it is also transforming the way they buy, finance, and even use their vehicles.

A consumer-first mindset is more than a philosophy, it’s an opportunity to have a direct and more-meaningful relationship with your customers. The automotive and mobility industry has a unique opportunity to serve customers with an ongoing (even lifetime) relationship across purchasing, financing, servicing, subscriptions, and many other contact points throughout the automobile-ownership experience.

Shift Your Automotive & Mobility Transformation Into High Gear

Our number one goal is to help you modernize, innovate, and disrupt to win in the increasingly competitive automotive and mobility market. Let our industry experts help put your entire plant-to-dealer operations, from manufacturing to product management to digital marketing and sales, on the right track.

World-Class Capabilities for Your Specific Need

Sales and Marketing
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  • Shopping tools
  • Journey science and customer experiences
  • Targeting and personalization
  • Connected data and solutions architecture
  • OEM, EV and mobility digital transformation
A man driving a car
  • Deep loyalty programs
  • Establish customer lifetime value
  • Captive finance
  • Omnichannel customer engagement
Abstract with delivery trucks and data points
  • Remote service billing, repair, and maintenance
  • Rerouting
  • Supply chain
  • Subscriptions
  • Telematics
Three people looking at a tablet in a car showroom
  • Portals
  • Adaptation for EV
  • Process automation
  • Sales and service integration
  • Mobility in sales and service
A warehouse filled with boxes connected by data points
  • Integration of virtual and offline showrooms
  • Direct to consumer
  • Parts and accessories
  • Order management
  • In-vehicle subscriptions

Tap Into Our Deep Industry Experience

Our automotive and mobility experience helps OEMs, suppliers, and dealers work together to delight owners and passengers across the globe. More than 150 leading companies that help move the world forward have counted on us.

See How We’ve Revved up Success for Our Clients

Consumers Expect More From Automakers and Dealers

We surveyed more than 1,000 vehicle owners to learn about their preferences and experiences when purchasing a new vehicle, focusing on the differences between electric vehicle (EV) owners and those who drive gas-powered vehicles – also known as internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles – or hybrids. The results indicate that non-EV owners are more dissatisfied and expect more from automotive dealers and manufacturers.

Read the Report.

Our Passion for Automotive Meets Your Drive for Innovation

Perficient has launched a program to partner with collegiate teams that design, build, and race vehicles for Formula SAE across the nation and around the globe. Our passion for automotive innovation drove us to support these young minds who are the next generation of automotive leaders.

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Accelerate and Overcome with Our Automotive Strategic Positions

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Meet An Expert

Jim Hertzfeld headshot

Jim Hertzfeld

Jim Hertzfeld is a principal and a chief digital strategist at Perficient. He works with clients to convert market insights into real-world digital products and customer experiences that grow their businesses. Jim has led top automakers and suppliers through their digital transformation journeys during his tenure.

Keith Tomatore

Keith Tomatore

Keith “KT” Tomatore is an automotive strategist at Perficient. He has more than two decades of industry experience and plays an integral role in the company’s automotive and mobility practice. KT is based in Detroit.

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