Consumer Markets


Next Generation Technology Helps You Connect with Your Shoppers 24/7


As technology and mobility evolves, consumers are in greater control of their shopping experience at every stage of the journey. Today’s Connected Consumers are increasingly using their always-on devices to shop with greater control and a more global reach. This only increases with the Internet of Things, which, when combined with continued reliance on social media as a sharing platform, is a powerful determination of a retailer’s performance and opportunity. 


Shopping is More Than a Purchase, It’s the Start of a Relationship 

In today’s connected world, it is essential that you think like and learn how to serve your customer at every stage of the shopping journey. Consumers are empowered to find products more easily, shop across channels, and influence their peers. In order to compete, you must deliver a shopping experience that is easy, seamless and satisfying for your customers.Great people make a great in-store experience. Intranet, associate, and store portals are an integral component to enabling associates to collaborate, communicate, and have streamlined access to the tools and information needed to do their jobs effectively and provide great services to your customers. 


A Roadmap for Delivering Better Customer Experiences 

With the consumer in the driver’s seat, retailers need to connect with them on many levels, in any manner and at any time, to serve their needs and to stay competitive.  Perficient can help you:

  • Deliver a blend of experience design, marketing, commerce, and analytics to redefine how they innovate, engage and grow.
  • Directly engage consumers by improving your digital marketing and store experiences.
  • Support the backbone of consumer-driven business with smarter supply chain management, operations and analytics solutions.
  • Bring leading industry thinking to our clients through ideation, blueprinting and road-mapping solutions with practical business outcomes.
  • Help leverage information to move from reporting and insights to predictive analytics, and ultimately personalization, to operate a peak efficiency
  • With core technology expertise to support the customer experience with data integration, and information management platforms.

Customer Experience Solutions

Many consumers are interacting with brands through digital channels, causing companies to personalize their marketing campaigns and promotions based on unique shopper personas. Our Customer Experience solutions support your market demands while providing deep vertical expertise with advanced technology utilization, strategy definition, and research. We combine digital marketing, experience design and social and collaborative solutions to help you capitalize on the new age of the connected consumer and redefine how to engage with your trading partners while serving today’s shoppers.

Information Management for Retailers

Leading retailers rely on data and information to gain insight into consumer motivations and align their strategies to anticipate and satisfy customer needs. With the amount and sources of data increasing exponentially each day, the demand to quickly and accurately make actionable sense of that information is increasingly critical. Our Consumer Markets solutions and expertise allow retailers to find and flow their data, leverage that information through business intelligence, analytics and data science, and ensure stronger relationships with vendors, partners and, ultimately, their customers.

Operational Excellence in Retail Environments

The digital age has forever changed the way shoppers purchase products and services, but at the end of the day the biggest investment is and will be in the physical world – in distribution centers, transportation networks, and of course, stores.

Our operational excellence solutions provide retailers the shopping experiences their customers demand to deliver the right products, at the right price, at the right time.  We leverage technology to enable our clients to improve merchandising, store operations, and supply chain business functions to grow sales and build brand loyalty.

Strategic Solutions for Retail Development

The Connected Consumer is pushing retailers to be more innovative than ever to serve customer needs and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Strategic thinking, built on business and technology experience, focused on customers and growth, and rapidly implemented, is a still a mainstay ingredient in the new economy.

Our strategy development services help retailers by blending our technical experience with industry thought leadership. Our pragmatic approach to strategy quickly assesses your readiness, identifies opportunities and provides an actionable blueprint to reach your goals.