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Helping Life Sciences Companies Manage Relationships in a Complex Digital World


The importance of using digital technology to engage with customers, like patients, partners, and employees, is becoming more and more clear. But the solution is not as simple as adopting a more modern technology platform.

For each of your customer groups, we recommend a three-part methodology called connected health: an intelligent strategy, appropriate technology to support that strategy, and an exceptional customer experience.

Our connected health for life sciences offerings can help you:

  • Establish yourself as an integral part of a patient’s health
  • Reduce your clinical site costs while improving quality and compliance
  • Convert digital passers-by into loyal brand advocates
  • Distinguish yourself as an effective and desirable leader, partner, client, and/or investment
  • Promote employee engagement, productivity, and retention

Connect with Patients

Patients are more empowered than ever to be advocates for their own health, which has led to a dramatic shift in their expectations of pharmaceutical and medical device companies. Patients now expect these companies to provide them with the kind of personalized advice, support, and tools they used to only get from their physicians. This shift has created a unique opportunity for life sciences organizations to develop a direct relationship with the consumers of their products. Through our connected health methodology, we help you use strategy, technology, and design to establish yourself as an integral part of a patient’s health.

  • Improve medication adherence through a mobile app that monitors intake and ingestion using facial recognition and motion sensors
  • Offer a secure forum for patients to share stories, questions, and advice with each other, and automatically mine that data for potential adverse events and product complaints
  • Provide exclusive interactive tools and coupons for related products and services that help patients monitor and manage their condition

Connect with Sites

Clinical trials are expensive. With the constraints of quality and compliance, the only way to reduce costs is to make trial operations more efficient. When study sponsors are able to automate workflows and efficiently exchange information, documents, queries, and supplies with their clinical sites, good things happen: confusion and errors are minimized, relationships with investigators and site personnel improve, and overhead costs plummet.

Through our connected health methodology, we help you use strategy, technology, and design to reduce clinical site costs while improving quality and compliance.

  • Streamline the distribution, collection, uploading, and oversight of site essential documents
  • Collect clinical trial data via digital pills and skin patches that automatically transmit that data to your clinical data management system
  • Enable site monitors to author site visit reports on their favorite mobile device, regardless of a site’s internet connection

Connect with the Public

In today’s digital landscape, your web presence has become a critical touchpoint with customers. It is no longer just about maintaining accurate content; now, customers expect you to provide them with an experience – dynamic, meaningful, easy, and even entertaining. This is a new frontier for life sciences organizations, which have not typically had direct interaction with patients, patient families, or potential patients.

Through our connected health methodology, we help you use strategy, technology, and design to convert digital passers-by into loyal brand advocates.

  • Convert patients into customers through a comprehensive social media strategy
  • Educate patients and caregivers on a disease and its treatment options through a product-specific website
  • Recruit subjects via a mobile app that notifies individuals when a relevant clinical trial is starting up near them

Connect with Partners

As the industry continues to trend toward collaboration, the ability for an organization to work well with others is becoming paramount to success. External partners, such as research companies, clinical and non-clinical vendors, shareholders, potential investors, and even regulatory authorities, prefer to collaborate with companies that are organized and efficient, which can provide a distinct competitive advantage.

Through our connected health methodology, we help you use strategy, technology, and design to distinguish yourself as an effective and desirable leader, partner, client, and investment.

  • Automate contract, billing, and payment workflows with clinical and non-clinical vendors, including contract research organization (CROs)
  • Provide a secure collaboration space in which you can author protocols and share trial progress with your research partners
  • Automate regulatory reporting, such as that required as part of the Physician Payments Sunshine Act

Connect with Employees

Savvy organizations know that the ability to attract and retain highly productive employees is a significant competitive advantage, especially in the life sciences industry, where the professional community is so tightly knit. Employees who feel informed, supported, and connected are far more likely to remain committed to their employer – and to share their positive work experience with their industry colleagues.

Through our connected health methodology, we help you use strategy, technology, and design to promote employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

  • Integrate mobile phones and an internal “app store” of company-approved apps to your internal operations
  • Boost productivity with a unified company intranet and enterprise search capability
  • Leverage cloud solutions that are available 24/7 and able to work on any mobile device to make sure employees always have what they need, regardless of their physical location

Supporting Services

Depending on the goals you define for your relationship with a particular customer group, the strategy we recommend may also include a combination of the following:

Customer Experience (CX)

Our in-house Perficient Digital agency helps you deliver meaningful, engaging customer experiences that cultivate lifelong company/brand loyalty.

Mobile Solutions

We design thoughtful uses of mobile technology that provide you with a competitive edge via apps and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Social Media

We help you harness the power of social media tools for targeted marketing, informal relationship-building, social listening, and public image reinforcement.

Market Intelligence

We help you identify and analyze reliable real-world data sources to discover actionable insights (e.g., social listening, signal detection).

Why Perficient

With our connected health services, the possibilities are endless, and we are uniquely qualified to help you identify and realize those possibilities.

  • Unparalleled industry expertise. We understand the unique challenge faced by the life sciences industry: an inherent desire to improve patient outcomes, constrained by public demand for affordable products, regulatory requirements for high-quality products, and shareholder desires for maximum returns.
  • Rooted in technology. While we are not just technologists, Perficient was founded on technology, which provides us with extensive knowledge of and experience in selecting, implementing, developing, and optimizing technical solutions.
  • In-house digital design firm. Perficient Digital is a consultancy plus design agency that works seamlessly with our industry and technology experts to provide clients with digital solutions that are as functional as they are beautiful.