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Employee Experience

A Perficient Strategic Position

Drive Employee Engagement and Collaboration

Susan Wiener headshot.
Susan Wiener
Senior Solutions Architect, Perficient

What Is Employee Experience?

Employee experience is how digital and consumerization combine to drive employee engagement and collaboration - and ultimately talent acquisition and retention.

Digital has transformed the way we shop, socialize, and work. As a result, employees are demanding that their employers build and evolve the workplace in ways including collaboration and community, transparency and safety, ease of use, personalized experiences, self-service task management, values alignment and competitive differentiation.

"Employee experience drives customer experience, because regardless of what your product is, your employees are the ones who are delivering it." —Ingrid Lindberg

The good news is that employee engagement options are better than ever. The same technology that helps organizations across industries deliver connected customer experiences is being adapted to meet the demands of today’s hybrid workforce. Mobility and content platforms, personalization engines, and virtual agents work just as hard to deliver on recruiting, engagement, and retention needs as they do on customer acquisition, conversion, and loyalty. Furthermore, the data and analytics generated by these digitized experiences offer insights and opportunities to continuously adjust, adapt, and justify the investments.

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