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Employee Experience

A Perficient Strategic Position

The New Frontier of Employee Experience

Greg Hurst
Greg Hurst
Principal, Management Consulting, Perficient

What Is Employee Experience?

Employee experience is the full spectrum of an employee’s journey marked by their interactions, perceptions, achievements, and career advancement. This journey includes pivotal stages such as recruitment, onboarding, training, career progression, work-life harmony, and overall job satisfaction.

In today's rapidly changing business environment, the traditional employee journey is no longer sufficient. Technological advancements, shifting workforce demographics, globalization, and industry transformations converge to reshape how businesses operate. As a result, the workforce now demands a new paradigm of engagement.

Organizations whose employees are satisfied with EX are 48% more likely to meet customer satisfaction goals and 56% more likely to meet reputation goals.

The employee experience (EX) has evolved from simply being an HR checklist to becoming a strategic imperative. The digital revolution, and cultural shift towards employee well-being and fulfillment, has placed EX at the heart of organizational success. Companies that fail to adapt to this new reality risk falling behind in talent acquisition, innovation, and market position.

Diagram showing the most critical elements of employee experience

A holistic EX strategy, integrating both human and digital touchpoints, is now critical to unlocking employee potential and driving business outcomes. This approach not only enhances retention and productivity, but also serves as a catalyst for customer satisfaction and financial performance.

The future belongs to those who recognize that the employee experience is not just a part of the business strategy—it is the business strategy.

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