Speed the Delivery of Your Enterprise Applications

We combine the power of Appian with our own strategy and delivery expertise to help solve your most critical business challenges and accelerate your enterprise transformation.

We are an Appian Trusted Partner with more than 20 years of experience in delivering digital process automation solutions. Our partnership with Appian enables us to easily build, use, change, and expand powerful enterprise applications to address critical business challenges. By combining our depth of experience in the process management space with industry expertise and our dedicated team of Appian-certified experts, we can help you overcome the most difficult obstacles in your digital transformation journey.

We offer services across the Appian platform including advisory, execution, project launch, design and build, enhancement, and robotic process automation.

Advisory Services

Our advisory services are a starting point to help execute enterprise-wide transformation initiatives and understand the business, ROI analysis, process discovery, and on-premises versus cloud decisions. Furthermore, we define and design the right projects for increased business advantage whether that means building new applications or retiring legacy systems using Appian.

Appian BPM and Integration Implementation

Create simple, powerful business processes on a modern BPM platform that integrates with existing data, enterprise systems, and services. Our agile, flexible, and adaptive Enable delivery methodology is enhanced specifically for Appian projects.

Appian Project Launch

This service offering is a rapid time-boxed approach to launch a pilot or initial application for companies seeking to retire legacy systems or build BPM, case management, or unique enterprise solution applications. These solutions can be launched within weeks for immediate impact either in the cloud or on premises.

Appian User Experience Design and Build

We accelerate delivery of intuitive user interfaces that facilitate the business decision lifecycle of awareness, knowledge, and action. This service is designed to build scalable applications on Appian that are unified with existing systems and include social collaboration and true enterprise mobility.

Appian Enhancements

We can help enterprises looking to add more features or gain adoption to maximize their investment in an existing Appian application.

Robotic Process Automation

Leverage our deep delivery experience in BPM and RPA to improve process efficiency by eliminating low-return, high-risk manual human task through a digital workforce. This service provides options for walking through an RPA adoption journey from discovery, identifying candidates for automation, piloting, and implementation for end-to-end business process.