Better Forecast Buying Habits and Target High-Profit Customers

Customer analytics has evolved beyond predictive analytics and customer segmentation. Statistical analysis, forecasting, and predictive modeling have expanded upon traditional BI solutions to answer “What will happen?” given certain business situations.

To implement a sophisticated and effective customer analytics program, you need a comprehensive strategy that accounts for multiple data sources including commerce, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise marketing management, and marketing automation systems. We give you the tools, processes, and strategy to achieve responsiveness and accuracy in customer analytics, allowing you to better meet your customers’ expectations, reduce costs, and improve operations.

Customer Engagement Analytics

Understanding and using analytics in the right way can help you better anticipate and satisfy your customer’s needs and wants. Collected data can be sorted, grouped and organized in ways that reveal your market strengths and weaknesses, helping you to identify changes that can bring about “quick wins” for your web team.

Publishing and listening tools enable real-time engagement, allowing you to quickly become aware of and respond to your customers. Regular and consistent review also helps you to measure performance against your KPIs and quickly adjust to meet your customer and business needs.

The Data-Driven Consumer

Just a few years ago, collecting reliable data on consumers and their shopping, browsing, and purchasing habits was a constant challenge. But in today’s digitally connected world, we have so much data we think we need that we’re struggling to understand how to use it.

The challenge is not simply analyzing and understanding consumer habits, but rather using the data to meaningfully predict and anticipate consumer trends, enabling real-time content updates and more accurate delivery of personalized content. We utilize customer journeys and collected data to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Personalization Insights

No matter your industry, we can help you leverage vast quantities of data using advanced analytics developed to quantify and personalize the user experience. This information can:

  • Provide a deeper understanding of a customer’s attitudes and behaviors on a personal level
  • Meet the cross-channel demands of customers that expect immediate and consistent interaction with your brand
  • Actively monitor product offerings and pricing in relation to the competition

When you’re ready to do more with your data, we’re ready to collaborate on the right tools, processes, and metrics. Together, we can push your data to the next level of CRM success.