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Global Medical Device Firm

Building a Cohesive Global Customer Experience With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What if… a cohesive and compliant personalized omnichannel messaging journey could improve the customer experience?

Our client is a leading global developer and manufacturer of medical devices for at-home use.  

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Global Expansion Required a Uniform Customer Experience

As remote care and at-home medical devices become more prevalent, it’s critical for a global medical device manufacturer to maintain a consistent brand message and provide an exceptional experience. Brands can meet consumer expectations and differentiate their experience by leveraging data to create personalized marketing journeys.

Our client was expanding globally and wanted to project a cohesive brand experience and increase lead conversions. It also needed to streamline communications for repetitive tasks (reordering, etc.) to decrease call center volume. Accomplishing this requires personalized, targeted messages in local languages and in accordance with legal regulations. Lacking the internal marketing resources to support this, our client asked us to help.

We super-charged our client’s country- and domain-specific marketing efforts by implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud to build, execute, and optimize compliant, personalized communication journeys.

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Going Global With Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Our client aims to continually grow its customer base, expand into new countries, and extend its reach. In a heavily competitive market this means providing a seamless experience across geographies while simultaneously adhering to country-specific regulations and GDPR requirements.

We implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud with Einstein Analytics, Journey Builder, and Datorama and were tasked to manage all the client’s global instances. This marketing stack accelerates customer acquisition, onboarding, engagement, and retention by enabling streamlined customer communications, consistent branding, and emails triggered by customer behaviors.

Marketing teams can now leverage customer leads, account information, and personal data to quickly segment lists and send personalized and behavior-based communications. Because the platform acts as a marketing automation tool, it seamlessly accesses the data needed to trigger proactive communication journeys, capture new leads, and appeal to lapsed customers.

We configured and implemented Salesforce Marketing Cloud, tailoring each deployment to the specific environment, location, country, use case, and data requirements. This allows the client to utilize Marketing Cloud to its fullest potential.

Configuring, Launching, and Optimizing the Communication Journey

Leveraging the robust capabilities of Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Journey Builder, Einstein Analytics, and Datorama, we powered meaningful communications by managing end-to-end email and SMS journeys.

Team members can easily combine standardized, pre-approved messages and optimized, targeted content to build patient communication journeys that meet consumer needs at various stages of their journey:

  • Transactional: Communications involving orders, shipments, and subscriptions, including tracking information and a reorder button
  • Commercial: Communications including the marketing of new devices, lead nurture, and newsletters featuring patient stories
  • External data (U.S. only): Communication journeys triggered by data from the client’s patient app, such as detected health risks and monthly health trends

Further, our experts provided best-practice tutorials and guidance to optimize email performance. Our visual dashboards further equipped the marketing team for data-informed decisions to optimize journeys and campaigns.

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Ensuring Ongoing Success With Managed Services

As our client’s partner of record for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, we crafted this communications program as a repeatable model to implement in new business units, allowing for easy expansion.

We built institutional knowledge and a dedicated team of experienced resources that equip the management, optimization, and scale of this program as our client’s needs evolve.

Through the ongoing work of our dedicated team of experts, we managed the rollout of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to offices across the globe. 


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Maintaining a Superior Customer Experience

Through the ongoing work of our dedicated team of experts, we managed the rollout of Salesforce Marketing Cloud to offices across the globe.

Campaign metrics consistently exceeded our client’s goals, strengthening retention with unified global branding, optimized target group communication journeys, and a strategic engagement cadence.

Automated communications keep customers better informed about their health and they can easily re-order supplies, improving their overall health and care experience. The client was also able to win back lapsed customers and lessen the volume of inbound calls to customer support.

Our abundance of technical and industry expertise, paired with our unified global approach, made us the ideal partner for this complex initiative.

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