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Accelerating CTMS User Knowledge With a Customized Training Approach

What if... a customized approach to clinical trial management system (CTMS) training could quickly enable and prepare users?

Peachtree BioResearch Solutions (Peachtree) is a full-service clinical research solutions organization that provides clinical development services to biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies.

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Needing a Customized, Easy-to-Navigate Training Program

Following a Siebel CTMS in the Oracle Cloud implementation, users struggled to sift through training content that was covered during multi-day sessions and found it especially challenging to pinpoint instructions to complete a specific task. Peachtree needed to supplement the general-instructor-led implementation training with something more customized to its users’ needs.

Wanting to equip its teams with the right training at the right time, Peachtree turned to our experts to create holistic education solutions based on:

  • The company’s unique business processes
  • Its Siebel CTMS production environment setup and configuration
  • The integration of its CTMS to its EDC solution (an integration performed by Perficient)
  • The tasks relevant to specific user groups
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Quick and Accessible User Enablement for External Partners

Peachtree’s first user group included external partner clinical research organizations (CROs) with clinical research associates (CRAs) responsible for executing system tasks on new research studies. With one of these studies quickly approaching, this group needed to be trained on the system right away.

We created a catalog of easy-to-follow videos to equip CRAs around the globe with highly relevant, on-demand training tools that they could quickly reference as needed.

Enabling Better Retention for Internal Users

After external partner users provided positive feedback on the training videos, Peachtree chose to provide customized training videos for its internal CRAs and project managers as well.

The new, highly focused series of easily consumable videos boosted retention and enabled employees to quickly locate task instructions and refresh their understanding in a specific area or process.

We equipped Peachtree with concise, task-focused videos that allowed users to easily absorb and retain important information.


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Improving and Accelerating Training for Internal and External Users

Historically, it took 20 to 40 hours of instruction before a new CRA could begin working on a study. Using our concise, task-focused videos, training now takes less than an hour. This highly relevant enablement allowed Peachtree’s external partners to be trained on the system in time for their study.

Each video is relevant, streamlined, task driven, and intuitive so users can easily absorb and retain important information.

This training approach focuses on topics relevant to Peachtree’s various user groups, making it easy to quickly learn the steps necessary to work in Siebel CTMS.

Because training isn’t bound to live sessions or a specific time zone, users can brush up on their technical skills at any time and immediately put those skills to work.

Our deep life sciences and project management expertise enabled us to deliver a highly customized learning solution that addresses Peachtree’s unique CTMS configuration, user groups, and business processes and, ultimately, keeps clinical trials efficiently moving forward.

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