The Park at Wrigley

An Interactive Experience Inspired by Community

The Park at Wrigley is a new town square with farmers markets, festivals, and community events. We created an interactive experience that lets visitors explore and stay up to the minute on what’s happening. Since launch, the park has rebranded as Gallagher Way.

A Visually Dynamic Experience

This visually rich experience includes a dynamic calendar with multiple views and filtering alongside an innovative 3D tour.

A Client-First CMS

We seamlessly integrated Contentful, an API-driven CMS, to make creating and maintaining a variety of events a breeze.

Building a Community

The Park at Wrigley is the new town square of the neighborhood. This theme of community is what inspired the illustrations of people in diverse situations featured throughout the site.

Our goal was to give visitors an immersive experience. Labs made that vision an interactive reality. Eric Nordness, Vice President

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A Simple Truth

Designing what doesn’t yet exist

In order to launch on opening day, we completed the site before construction had even finished. With no photography, we got creative and made a 3D tour using Three.js and WebGL.

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